I Don’t Live In Texas. What Should I Do?

Call us. We have helped clients win cases around the country. If you need help with a case in another state, we will get temporarily admitted there, or we will team up with qualified lawyers in your state.

The important thing is that we have the experience and skill to help you. We have proven it during our successful careers at the nation’s largest and most prestigious law firms.

We will help you get results, no matter where you live.

Pro Hac Vice Admission

A lawyer who is not licensed in a particular state can often be admitted temporarily to handle a case for a client.

This is referred to as “pro hac vice,” which is a Latin term meaning “for this event” or “for this occasion.”

If you hire us to handle your case, and we decide to file outside of Texas, our Houston injury lawyers will likely seek to be admitted pro hac vice.  This enables us to bring our skills to bear in the jurisdiction where your case is pending.

We may also joint venture with local counsel.

Joint Ventures With Local Counsel

We have relationships with attorneys all over the country.

In many cases, we will associate with local counsel in the jurisdiction where we file your claim.

This enables us to make sure the right people are handling each aspect of your case.  For example, we may subpoena documents, take witness depositions, and try the case, while local counsel may assist with court hearings.

The local counsel we associate with are typically paid from the same percentage contingency fee as we are, which means there is no additional cost to you, and you still only pay if we win.

Local counsel are not to be confused with workers’ compensation or disability attorneys, who are paid according to state and federal law.

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