What Damages Can I Recover In A Personal Injury Negligence Lawsuit?

The types of damage available in a personal injury negligence lawsuit vary from state to state, and are often dependent on the specific facts of a given case.

Personal injury negligence damages frequently include:

  1. Past pain and suffering
  2. Future pain and suffering
  3. Physical disfigurement
  4. Past physical impairment
  5. Future physical impairment
  6. Aggravation of pre-existing conditions
  7. Lost household services
  8. Past mental anguish
  9. Future mental anguish
  10. Loss of past earning capacity
  11. Loss of future earning capacity
  12. Loss of consortium
  13. Medical expenses
  14. Punitive damages

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Southwest Texas Coors, Inc. v. Morales, 948 S.W.2d 948 (San Antonio, Texas Court of Appeals 1997) (holding plaintiff who was victim of car accident involving Coors beer truck could bring personal injury negligence lawsuit arising from the car crash and could recover damages for aggravation of pre-existing back issue, including pain and suffering).

Blankenship v. Mirick, 984 S.W.2d 771 (Waco, Texas Court of Appeals 1999) (holding plaintiff truck passenger involved in truck accident was entitled to bring personal injury negligence lawsuit and could recover damages for injury to plaintiff’s knees, including physical impairment damages).

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