Should I Sign Anything Or Give A Statement?

Oftentimes, potential clients call us after they have been approached by an insurance company or corporate representative.  The corporate employee or insurance adjuster has asked the potential clients to sign a form or give a statement.  In some cases, the potential clients have been offered money if they do what they have been asked to do.

With good reason, this makes many potential clients uncomfortable.  They want to know what to do.  Whether they should sign the document.  Whether they should give the statement.

The answer is an unequivocal NO. You need to consult with an attorney before you sign anything or give any kind of statement.

The sad truth is that corporations and insurance companies often coax injured people and their families into signing unnecessary releases or agreeing to their slanted version of the facts.

Even something that appears innocent—such as a request for a statement “just to get down the facts”—typically has sinister motivations.  In reality, the people taking these statements have been taught how to ask questions by high-priced lawyers who are experts on how to spin the facts their way.  They will ask questions in a manner that seems innocuous, but is intended to get answers that support the company’s defense, regardless of what the truth is.

Make no mistake. There is only one reason employers and insurance companies are “investigate” cases: to limit your legal rights and keep money in their own pockets.

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