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How Many Accidents Have There Been In Texas Oilfields?

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How Many Accidents Have There Been In Texas Oilfields?

As reported in the Houston Chronicle, in recent years there has been a shocking increase in the number of serious accidents and deaths involving oilfield workers. In 2012 alone, 65 oilfield workers in Texas died on the job, most in accidents that could have been prevented.

No fewer than 18,000 Texas oilfield workers were amputated, crushed, cut, burned, broke bones, or suffered other work-related illnesses and injuries from 2008 to 2013. Many more were injured in oilfield-related traffic accidents. Few of these accidents were properly investigated.

The Houston Chronicle tallied amounts the top 12 Texas companies paid to oilfield workers for injury and illness claims that resulted in more or one day of work lost from 2008-2012. The results are as follows:

Nabors Industries Inc 286 claims $10,277,374 in benefits paid
Basic Energy Services Inc.:  374 claims totaling 374 claims $9,102,837 in benefits paid
SPN Fairway Acquisition Inc. (now Superior Energy Services) 181 claims  $7,367,416 in benefits paid
Patterson-UTI Energy Inc. 271 claims $7,339,793 in benefits paid
Key Energy Services Inc/Key Energy Services LLC 401 claims  $5,969,830 in benefits paid
Endeavor Energy Resources LP (includes ACME Energy Services DBA Big Dog Drilling 310 claims $5,428,501 in benefits paid
Halliburton Energy Services Inc. 330 claims  $4,225,371 in benefits paid
SandRidge Energy Inc (includes Lariat Services and Viking Drilling) 176 claims $4,193,530 in benefits paid
Precision Drilling Corp (includes Gray Wolf Drilling) 131 claims  $3,854,015 in benefits paid
CC Forbes Energy Services Ltd/Forbes Energy Services Ltd. 106 claims $3,598,623 in benefits paid
Helmerich & Payne Inc. 112 claims $3,235,681 in benefits paid
Robinson Drilling of Texas LTD. 237 claims $2,933,079 in benefits paid

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