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Our Consultations are Free and Completely Confidential

The attorneys at Morrow & Sheppard know that the legal system can be confusing and intimidating for many people. Our firm is here to advise and guide you through the entire process. From your first meeting to the conclusion of your case, you can take comfort in knowing that we understand where you are coming from. We are an experienced and supportive legal team who will work with you to minimize your fears and make the legal process as quick and easy as possible.

If you have been injured in an accident and are considering filing a legal claim, your first step should be to schedule a consultation with an experienced Houston injury lawyer at Morrow & Sheppard. The attorneys at Morrow & Sheppard offer free consultations to individuals and families that are dealing with the aftermath of an accident. During your initial meeting with our firm, we will carefully review your situation to determine your potential legal claims. We understand that you have many questions and concerns, and we are here to give you the information you need to make important legal decisions for you and your family members.

Our attorneys recognize that you may be in a sensitive situation and hesitant about discussing your accident or injury with a Houston lawyer. You can be rest assured that the conversations during your initial meeting with our firm will be strictly confidential. We know that potential clients are often worried that their employer or another person will find out that they have spoken with an attorney. We appreciate your concerns and we will do everything within our power to protect your confidentiality. Whether your injury is the result of a work-related accident, plant explosion, truck crash, or any other type of incident, our lawyers are discreet and will respect your privacy.

Our legal team also advises small companies and business owners involved in a wide array of legal disputes. Regardless of whether the issue is routine or complex in nature, our initial meetings with business clients are complimentary and our conversations are strictly confidential.

We Will Give You the Opportunity to Make a Decision that is Right for You

Selecting the right attorney to handle your case can be can be a difficult and overwhelming process. Our consultations with potential clients are always free – we want you to have the chance to meet with us so that you can decide if we are the right firm for you.

At your initial meeting, we will explain how the legal process works. You will have the opportunity to ask us questions so that you have a better understanding of who we are and the kind of people we help. We will give you plenty of time to evaluate our firm and we will never pressure you into making a decision about hiring us. Through our many years of legal practice, we know how important it is for clients to feel comfortable and confident with the attorneys who are handling their case. It is essential for you to establish a strong relationship with your legal counsel.

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If you are dealing with a serious injury or are a small company involved in a business-related dispute, we encourage you to schedule a free and confidential consultation with a lawyer at our Houston firm today. Our highly responsive legal team offers 24/7 availability to clients in Houston, throughout the State of Texas, and all around the country.

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