Cruise Ship Drowning Accidents

If you have suffered the tragedy of losing a loved one in a drowning accident on a cruise ship, you are right to be considering legal action. With appropriate care and ship maintenance, no one should be at risk of drowning while onboard a cruise.

Unfortunately, cruise ship drownings occur far more frequently than we would like to believe, and families are too often left to cope with the tragic results of a ship owner’s or cruise operator’s mistakes. At Morrow & Sheppard LLP, we are passionate about helping families who have lost loved ones at sea, and we are here to help you secure just compensation from the company that is responsible for your loved one’s loss.

Passenger Drownings on Cruise Ships

While all companies owe certain legal duties to their customers, cruise companies actually owe a heightened duty to protect their passengers from drowning and other risks at sea. If an investigation reveals that the operator of the cruise on which your loved one died made a legally-unacceptable mistake, our attorneys can seek to hold the cruise operator accountable by aggressively pursuing a claim for maximum compensation.

Some examples of possible claims against possible cruise ship owners and operators include:

Crew Member Drownings on Cruise Ships

Crew member drownings are common as well; and, like passengers, there are special laws designed to protect those who make their living at sea. In most cases, family members will be entitled to compensation under the federal maritime law known as the Jones Act. The Jones Act entitles family members to limited compensation regardless of the cause of their loved one’s death, and it entitles them to seek additional compensation when their loved one’s employer played a part in the drowning. Family members of deceased cruise ship crew members may also be able to seek compensation from the ship’s owner, and the key to securing maximum compensation is simply to hire an attorney as soon as possible.

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