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If you have been injured while working on an offshore drilling rig, we will seek maximum compensation for your losses.

As an offshore drilling rig worker, you face perilous working conditions on a daily basis. From employers who take inadequate safety measures to the inherent dangers of working at sea, you regularly encounter numerous risks that can lead to serious and life-changing injuries.

Of course, if you have already been injured, you know this all too well.

At Morrow & Sheppard LLP, we provide experienced legal representation for individuals who have been injured on drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and other offshore drilling locations around the country. If you have been injured working offshore, we will use your rights under the Jones Act or other applicable law to seek maximum compensation for your losses.

Offshore Drilling Rig Injuries and the Jones Act

The Jones Act is a federal law that protects “seamen” who have suffered injuries while working offshore. This covers most drilling rig injuries, including injuries that occur during transport to an offshore rig (by boat or helicopter) as well as injuries that occur on:

  • Drilling ships
  • Floating rigs
  • Jack-up drilling rigs
  • Semi-submersible rigs
  • Tension leg platforms

The key to being eligible for compensation under the Jones Act is that you must have been working on something other than a fixed platform. If you were injured on fixed platform, you may have a claim under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act or the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act instead.

Jones Act Compensation for Drilling Rig Injuries

All types of injuries can lead to claims under the Jones Act. Regardless of the cause of your injury, as a drilling rig worker you are automatically entitled to benefits known as maintenance and cure. These are limited benefits that provide some coverage for your medical bills and living expenses.

However, if your employer was at fault in causing your injury, then you are eligible to seek full compensation for your losses. At Morrow & Sheppard LLP, we frequently help drilling rig workers seek maintenance and cure benefits and file fault-based claims for injuries resulting from things like:

  • Cable, block, and grating issues
  • Collisions with rig floor equipment
  • Explosions and fires
  • Falling objects
  • Negligent equipment operation
  • Slips and falls
  • Unsafe working conditions

If you have been injured working offshore, the best thing you can do is speak with an attorney as soon as possible. As you can see, the laws in this area are complicated, and you need someone on your side who can help you stand up for your legal rights. At Morrow & Sheppard LLP, we offer free initial consultations, and we are happy to explain your rights at no cost to you.

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In addition to offering free consultations, we handle all drilling rig injury cases on a contingency-fee basis. This means that you never pay out of pocket for our legal representation. To discuss your case with Houston offshore injury lawyers at Morrow & Sheppard LLP, contact our Houston law offices today.

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