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Slip, Trip, and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall lawsuits have a bad reputation. But the truth of the matter is, such accidents are very serious, and most could and should have been prevented if property owners and operators had been diligent.

Do not take our word for it. The Occupational Health & Safety Organization (OSHA) has determined that property owners and operators could (and should) have prevented these accidents.

OSHA reports that every year, 12,000 people in the United States die in slip and fall accidents. Slip and falls are second only to car accidents in the number of deaths per year. That figure does not include the many serious and disabling slip and fall injuries that do not result in death.

Slip Hazards

Many people trip and are injured because a surface is too slick to walk.

One common reason is the presence of a slippery liquid or substance. Things like mud, grease, oil, food, offal, and even water are common culprits. Even dry products like dust, powder, wood chips, foil, leaves, plants, debris, and plastic create issues. Oftentimes employers and property owners negligently allow these substances to sit for hours without properly tagging, barricading, or removing the hazard. An unnecessary accident usually results.

In many cases, the walking surface itself is too slippery. Highly polished or waxed floors including concrete, marble, and ceramic tile can cause a slip and fall. Transitional areas between different kinds of walking surfaces also cause problems.

Other slip hazards noted by OSHA include sloped surfaces and ramps, unanchored rugs or mats, loose floorboards or tiles, metal surfaces, uneven terrain, and surfaces that lack skid-resistant material.

Of course, the absence of safety handrails and warning signs can also cause slip and falls.

In many of the cases our Houston personal injury attorneys have seen, several of these factors combine to create a dangerous condition that injures someone.

Trip Hazards

A trip is when a person runs into something or steps down and loses balance. Several things can create unacceptable trip hazards. Examples include:

  • Hoses
  • Cables
  • Wires extension cords
  • Clutter and debris
  • Unmarked steps or ramps
  • Poor lighting
  • Surfaces with curled edges
  • Missing bricks or tiles
  • Damaged or irregular steps
  • Bulky Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that workers are often required to wear
  • Fog or other weather conditions
  • Loud noise
  • Excessive heat or cold
  • Missing or damaged signs
  • Glare
  • Poor housekeeping

Slip and Falls in Houston Public Places

Many patrons and visitors in Texas suffer serious slip and fall injuries in a public place such as a supermarket, museum, parking garage, or movie theater. Most all of these accidents could have been prevented if the property owner or operator had taken proper precautions or remedial steps.

Most times, a property owner or operator has a legal duty to keep public places safe for patrons and visitors. An injured patron or visitor is entitled to compensation if that duty is not satisfied.

If you or a loved one has suffered a slip and fall injury in a public place, it is important that you speak with a Houston slip and fall lawyer before your rights are jeopardized.

Slip, Trip, and Falls in the Workplace

Over 17 percent of disabling work injuries are caused by slip, trip, and fall accidents.

OSHA regulations including 29 CFR 1910 Subpart D are intended to provide minimum standards that prevent these accidents. Some of these minimum requirements include:

  • All places of employment, passageways, storerooms, and service rooms shall be kept clean and orderly and in a sanitary condition.
  • The floor of every workroom shall be maintained in a clean and, so far as possible, a dry condition. Where wet processes are used, drainage shall be maintained, and false floors, platforms, mats, or other dry standing places should be provided where practicable.
  • Every floor, working place, and passageway shall be kept free from protruding nails, splinters, holes, or loose boards.
  • Sufficient safe clearances shall be allowed for aisles, at loading docks, through doorways and wherever turns or passage must be made.
  • Aisles and passageways shall be kept clear and in good repairs, with no obstruction across or in aisles that could create a hazard.
  • Permanent aisles and passageways shall be appropriately marked.
  • Covers and/or guardrails shall be provided to protect personnel from the hazards of open pits, tanks, vats, ditches, etc.
  • Many other requirements for guarding floor and wall openings and holes, fixed industrial stairs, portable wood and metal ladders, fixed ladders, scaffolding, manually propelled mobile ladder stands and scaffolds (towers), and other working surfaces.

If you or a loved one has suffered an on-the-job injury, it is important that you reach out to a seasoned Houston slip and fall attorney before your rights are jeopardized.

Coefficient of Friction

Although not effective in all circumstances, one method for determining whether a surface is unreasonably slippery is to calculate its “coefficient of friction,” in other words its resistance to slip accidents. There are both static (stationary) and dynamic (in motion) coefficients of friction. A dynamic calculation is usually preferable.

In an effort to avoid paying compensation to injured parties, many property owners, operators, and workplace proprietors will employ paid experts to manipulate the coefficient of friction in an effort to make it appear as though there was no unsafe slip and fall risk. You need someone on your side to fight back against these tactics.

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