Allison Anglin



Born into a military family, Ms. Anglin grew up all over the Southwest of the United States. She graduated from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque where she double majored in Economics and Political Science. She is also a recent graduate from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston. Ms. Anglin specializes in maritime worker injury claims.

While completing her undergraduate education, Ms. Anglin received a competitive International Regent Grant from the Economics Department to spend a semester abroad in Nicaraguaresearching the effect of micro-financing on the country’s overall economic development. While observing the region, she explored the social, economic and political variables that underpin poverty and deep social inequalities in Nicaragua and researched solutions to these problems. During her time there, she worked and visited coffee plantations in the Nicaraguan mountains, housing projects, microfinance organizations, medical outposts, hospitals, and rural schools. She participated in lectures from local leaders, community organizers, Nicaraguan scholars, and International Aid Agencies. This experience led her to be interested in the law and speaking on behalf of others to ensure that their rights and needs were represented.

After college, she worked at law firms as a paralegal and for a U.S. Senator in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  In 2014, she moved to Texas where her parents are originally from. While living in Austin, she worked as a clerk for 126th District Court. She later received a scholarship and attended law school at Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston, where she was distinguished in her academic pursuits and was an associate editor for the school’s Law Journalon Gender, Race, and Justice. She served in leadership roles in several community service centered student groups such as the Environmental Law Society. Allison’s classmates came to trust her for her organization skills and appointed her as a permanent secretary and leader for the Class of 2018. It was recognized from day one at orientation that Allison made it a priority to keep her peers informed and advocate for them.  

While pursuing her legal education, Allison clerked for judges and worked in top law firms in Austin as well as Houston. She also studied International Business Transactions and International Environmental Law in Spain at the Madrid Summer Law Institute. She is an excellentcommunicator with a strong understanding of working within government at the local, state, and federal levels and liaising between various firms and agencies. She also is a real asset when it comes to assessing comparative and international law analyses.

Outside of work, Allison has volunteered as a teaching assistant for the mock congressional hearing program, “We the People,” which strives to teach High School students about the Constitution. She also enjoys knitting and crocheting.

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