Hard Rock Hotel Under Construction Collapses in New Orleans

October 14, 2019

A Hard Rock Hotel under construction collapsed in New Orleans, Louisiana on Saturday morning of October 12, 2019, tragically killing at least 2 workers and injuring at least 18 people.

The top six or eight floors of the building collapsed at about 9:12 a.m., according to New Orleans Fire Superintendent Timothy McConnell.

More than 100 construction workers were working on the site during the collapse. Three of them were unaccounted for right after the collapse, including two whose remains had been tragically found dead by late Saturday night.

The building had been under construction for a few months. It is not clear what caused the collapse.

An eyewitness captured the moment the construction site collapsed on Canal Street.

1 person was missing as rescue teams continued to resume their search of the construction site Sunday morning after holding off overnight due to safety concerns.

According to the Washington Post report, “By Saturday afternoon, one person who was initially reported missing was found to have made it to the hospital independently, said Emily Nichols, a physician with New Orleans Emergency Medical Services.”

Officials are worried that a 270-foot crane on the construction site could collapse and warned people to stay away from the scene.

According to the CNN report, “Crews at the site had been working on building a new 350-room Hard Rock Hotel, just steps away from the city’s historic French Quarter.

Hard Rock International released the following statement regarding the collapse:

“Citadel Builders LLC was contracted by Kailas Companies, owner of the project, to build the Hard Rock Hotel based on a brand licensing agreement with Hard Rock International, the future manager of the hotel. Hard Rock has had no involvement in the construction of the project.”

Our construction accident lawyers are closely monitoring the deadly Hard Rock Hotel collapse in New Orleans and will provide updates as they become available.

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