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    Common Causes of Crane Accidents

    Negligence often takes center stage in crane accidents and injuries. It could be due to poorly maintained equipment or lackadaisical attitudes towards safety regulations.

    In many cases, negligence stems from old-school trading posts that cut corners on safety measures for profit margins. This attitude can have catastrophic consequences, including:

    1. Collapses and Tipping Over: If the crane is not properly balanced or is carrying a load beyond its capacity, it can tip over or collapse. If the crane topples over or crumbles, it’s not just about the devastating wreckage; people nearby could also get seriously hurt, or worse – lose their lives.
    2. Falling Loads: Improperly secured loads can fall from the crane, posing a serious risk to anyone beneath or near the crane. Improper load securing poses serious safety hazards.
    3. Electrical Hazards: Cranes operating near power lines might accidentally come into contact with them if safety protocols are not followed. Safety around power lines is crucial. Contact can risk shocks or fires.
    4. Mechanical Failures: Skipping regular maintenance or ignoring warning signs of mechanical issues can lead to sudden and catastrophic equipment failures, endangering the operator and others in the area.
    5. Crushing Injuries: Individuals working near a crane are at risk of being crushed if the crane moves unexpectedly or drops its load.
    6. Falls from Heights: Crane operators are at risk of falling from the crane cabin if safety measures, like harnesses and guardrails, are not properly utilized.
    7. Weather-Related Accidents: Operating a crane in unsafe weather conditions, like high winds or lightning, without proper precautions can lead to accidents.

    OSHA’s guidelines emphasize proper maintenance and adherence to strict operating procedures. Yet these guidelines are often ignored by those wanting quick results without investing time into understanding their importance.

    Training Deficiencies Leading to Accidents

    Apart from negligence, inadequate training plays an equally important role in crane accidents. The absence of proper training makes operators prone to making errors which might lead them onto small business spotlights rather than helping ensure workplace safety.

    For example, an operator who doesn’t know how crucial maintaining the right angle while lifting heavy loads can cause disastrous mishaps due an imbalance caused during operation – akin perhaps only being familiar with one side of your own face.

    Critical Statistics About Crane Accidents

    The period from 2011 to 2017 saw a significant number of crane-related fatalities, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. During this seven-year span, there were 297 reported deaths, averaging about 42 fatalities annually. Diving deeper, it’s clear that men were the main victims of these tragic events, accounting for 293 out of the total 297 deaths. In terms of demographic distribution, White, non-Hispanic workers constituted 72% of these fatalities, while Hispanic and Latino workers accounted for 15%.

    Crane Accident Statistics, By Cause of Injury

    A substantial proportion of these fatalities, over half, were due to workers being struck by objects or equipment. Specifically, about 59% of these incidents involved falling objects or equipment, with a significant number of these cases (79 out of 91) being attributed to objects that either fell from or were set in motion by a crane. Other notable causes of fatalities included transportation incidents and falls to a lower level, accounting for approximately 13% and 14% of the deaths, respectively.

    Crane Accident Statistics, By Industry

    The data indicates that the private construction industry was particularly affected, with 43% of the crane-related fatalities occurring in this sector. Within this industry, specialty trade contractors and those involved in heavy and civil engineering construction faced the most significant risks. The manufacturing industry also had a considerable share, with 24% of crane-related deaths.

    Occupational, transportation and material moving workers were heavily impacted, representing a third of all crane-related worker deaths. Over half of these were crane operators. Construction and extraction occupations also experienced a high rate of fatalities, accounting for 31% of the total.

    Crane Accident Statistics, By Workers Job

    In terms of activity at the time of the incident, 22% of the fatalities occurred while the worker was operating the crane. Another 23% were involved in construction, assembly, or dismantling tasks. In terms of location, 27% of the fatal injuries occurred at construction sites (excluding road construction), with factories or plants accounting for 24%, road construction sites for 8%, and dockyards for 6%.

    The breakdown of crane accident fatalities by cause includes:

    • Contact with object or equipment: 62%
    • Falls: 20%
    • Transportation incidents: 10%
    • Contact with electrical current: 8%

    The spotlight on these issues is critical because understanding why and how crane accidents happen helps create a safer working environment. Investing in quality training doesn’t just help prevent accidents and dodge pricey lawsuits, but it also shields your business’s good name.

    Legal Aspects Surrounding Crane Accidents

    Crane accidents in construction can lead to severe damage and even loss of life, often due to negligence or insufficient training. Despite OSHA’s guidelines, safety shortcuts are common and dangerous. Most crane-related incidents result from human error like power line contact or overturns. Grasping the reasons behind these accidents lets us build safer job sites, needing just a bit of cash and time spent on regular upkeep and training crane operators.

    In Texas, the legal side of crane mishaps is a mix of issues – from figuring out who’s to blame, to handling liability questions and navigating through workers’ comp laws.

    Negligence often emerges as the central player in crane accident lawsuits. This can include negligence on the part of crane manufacturers, who may be responsible for producing equipment with design flaws or substandard materials. Negligence can also arise from failure to properly maintain the equipment, improper assembly or disassembly of cranes, or not adhering to safety standards set by OSHA, such as maintaining clearances from power lines. Electrocution accidents are a major concern in crane operations, particularly when cranes come into contact with overhead power lines. Depending on the specific details of the mishap and how closely safety rules were followed, blame for these crane accidents can land anywhere from the operator to the boss, or even fall onto general contractors and owners of properties.

    In terms of liability, Texas law allows for shared liability in crane accident cases. So, what this boils down to is that various businesses and their workers might all shoulder some blame when things go wrong. For example, the manufacturer of a crane, the employer, and even the crane operator could potentially be held liable, depending on the specifics of the accident. This shared blame plays a vital role in making sure hurt workers and their loved ones get justice and payback for the harm they’ve suffered.

    The worker’s comp rules in Texas are pretty distinct. Generally, if your employer provides you with workers’ compensation insurance (and their negligence did not result in death), your recovery is limited to the payment of your medical expenses until you reach maximum medical improvement and a portion of your wages as you recover from your injuries. However, some employers in Texas opt out of the state’s workers’ compensation system, becoming “non-subscriber” employers. In such cases, if an employer is found to be even 1% negligent in a crane accident, they can be held fully responsible for compensating the injured worker. This aspect is particularly significant as employer negligence often plays a part in crane accidents.

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    The Process of Filing a Claim

    The process of filing a crane injury claim can be complex, and victims and their families may benefit from having a qualified and experienced crane accident lawyer by their side to guide them through the process. The following are the key steps involved in filing a claim:

    1. Gathering evidence: The first step in filing a claim is to gather evidence to support the victim’s case. This may include photographs of the accident scene, eyewitness statements, medical records, and other relevant documents.
    2. Filing a report: The victim or their family should report the accident to their employer as soon as possible. This will trigger the insurance claim process and start the process of filing a claim.
    3. Notifying insurance companies: The next step is to notify the insurance company that the victim intends to file a claim for compensation. The insurance company will then initiate an investigation into the accident.
    4. Negotiating with insurance companies: The crane accident lawyer will negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of the victim to ensure that they receive fair compensation for their losses. This may involve negotiations over the amount of compensation, the type of compensation, and the timeline for payment.
    5. Filing a lawsuit: If negotiations with the insurance company are unsuccessful, the victim may need to file a lawsuit to seek compensation for their losses. The crane accident lawyer will represent the victim in court, making arguments and presenting evidence on their behalf.

    It’s important to keep in mind that the process of filing a claim can be time-consuming and complex, and that victims and their families may benefit from having an experienced crane injury attorney to guide them through the process. The personal injury lawyer will work tirelessly to ensure that the client receives the compensation they deserve and that those responsible for the accident are held accountable for their actions.

    How a Crane Injury Attorney Can Help in Case of an Accident

    Before the injured worker gets medical attention, they must report what happened to their supervisor. If there are any witnesses to the incident, they should also be interviewed by an crane accident investigation team. A complete investigation will help determine liability for injuries sustained in a crane accident. An crane injury attorney can investigate the circumstances of an accident and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. This includes:

    • Talking to witnesses and reviewing any records that may be relevant to the incident
    • Performing a physical inspection of the area where the accident took place
    • Reviewing any incident reports and photographs of the scene. They may also review its maintenance records if the incident involved a vehicle.
    • Reviewing any medical reports and statements the injured party provides
    • Reviewing any safety policies and procedures related to the incident. They may also review training records for those involved in the incident, including supervisors and workers on duty that day.

    The complexity of crane operations and the potential for accidents mean that legal cases related to crane accidents in Texas can be quite intricate. These cases get pretty messy with lots of people involved and need a deep dive into everything, from how the crane was built to where it was used, who was driving it, and if it had been kept up properly.

    Considering the knotty details and serious outcomes of crane-related accidents, it’s key for those tangled up to secure guidance from a well-versed law firm who can skillfully guide them through these hurdles.

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    Our experience handling these difficult cases provides assurance we will fight for the best outcome.

    In tough times like these, having a solid legal ally who’s got both the experience and know-how can be a real game-changer when you’re trying to secure justice and claim compensation.

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    Common Questions

    There are three main things that go into evaluating a crane injury case:

    1. Deadlines. You have to file your personal injury or wrongful death case in time. This time limit is called the statute of limitations. In most states, the deadline to file a claim is triggered by the date the accident occurred. But different things could make your specific deadline shorter or longer. That’s one of the reasons it is important to consult with an experienced crane injury lawyer as soon as possible following an incident, and it is one of the reasons our law firm consults with potential clients, confidentially, for free, 24/7.
    2. Negligence Or Wrongful Conduct. To recover for your crane injury, or a loved one’s death, a company or person that was involved in the incident typically has to have done something that was not “reasonable” under the circumstances. Whether someone acted “unreasonably” may not be obvious at first. In many, many cases, our crane injury lawyers (or the experts we have hired) uncover a violation of industry standards or defective products that the clients did not know about when they first came to us. That is another reason it is important to consult with lawyers who have handled crane cases. You have to know what to look for.
    3. Damages. The third key element in a crane injury case is damages.  If there is a wrongful death, amputation, head injury, burn, or broken bone, the damage is obvious. But something like a herniated disc in the back or neck may not be apparent at first, and may get worse over time. The severity of mental injuries such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) may not be apparent. Other afflictions such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (“CRPS”) can go undiagnosed and untreated if you do not visit the right doctors and experts. Our crane injury attorneys have seen these things before, and we are experienced in helping clients find the right doctors and experts to make sure such conditions are not missed.

    Short answer: While no two cases are the same, because we have handled so many serious personal injury cases, we often can provide a rough estimate of your likely case value relatively early on in the process, after we file your case and secure relevant information. We have handled cases worth more than $20 million for a single client. We have also evaluated potential cases that were not worth anything. There is no guidebook or list that sets out how much your case is worth, but our experience often allows us to give you an educated estimate.

    Every injured crane worker or their family wants to know how much their case is worth. Every good lawyer will hesitate to answer this question. And they should. The whole purpose of the lawsuit and claim process is to figure out how much each case is worth. No two cases are the same, and it is impossible to know how much your case is worth without going through at least some of the process.

    With that being said, our crane injury lawyers have handled enough cases to spot the things that companies and insurance carriers look for when they evaluate personal injury and wrongful death cases. These factors include how bad the defendants’ conduct was, how severe (and obvious) your injuries are, the amount of your past and future medical bills and lost wages, what juries typically award in the court where your case is assigned, and the strength and track record of the lawyers involved.

    When you consult with us, we will gather as much information as we can. Our experienced crane injury attorneys will be able to compare your case to others we have handled, as well as databases of cases that have been handled in the area where your case will be filed. When we have this information, we may be able to give you a rough estimate of the value of your case.

    As your case proceeds, we will continue to refine and adjust our evaluation, because (again) the whole point of the lawsuit process is to get the information needed to value your case.

    Short answer: Generally, you do not have to pay anything out of pocket to our crane injury attorneys.

    In most cases, we represent personal injury and wrongful death clients on contingency fee basis. That means our law firm advances all the costs and attorneys’ fees of bringing your crane injury case, and we only recover our fees and expenses if you win. Clients on contingency fee do not pay our injury lawyers out-of-pocket.

    You can learn more about contingency fees and our “no fee” promise here.

    To better understand your rights, we respectfully suggest that you take advantage of the free and confidential consultations with one of our crane injury attorneys, who are available 24/7 to evaluate your potential case.

    Short answer: To figure out who was at fault, our crane injury lawyers typically conduct a detailed and through investigation, which will usually include things like an analysis of industry standards, hiring experts in the field, serving document subpoenas and freedom of information requests (FOIAs), and conducting witness interviews.

    Because we have handled so many serious injury cases, our law firm can often quickly figure out who was at fault for an incident. It may be a supervisor who gave improper instructions, a crew who improperly assembled a crane component that collapsed, or a service company that negligently operated or maintained a piece of machinery that crushed or burned someone.

    Other times, the cause of an crane accident or explosion may be more subtle. It may have been unreasonable for a company to use a particular piece of equipment, because a newer, safer version existed.  Workers on the ground—including the injured people—may not have even known about the safer alternative, because management didn’t tell anyone, usually because management was not yet ready to spend money on the alternative, even though it was safer.

    We look for these sometimes hidden, contributing causes by consulting with industry experts from around the country. As an example, we have hired NASA scientists, safety experts who used to work with cranes, industrial hygienists who have designed safety programs for large companies, OSHA experts, and even ex-military personnel who have special knowledge about a particular product design or safe work practice.

    We also consult with a library and database of industry standards and information we have at our law firm. This includes things like industry standards. In many catastrophic crane cases, we have discovered crane workers were violating standards they didn’t even know about, because management and corporate safety departments failed to pass along the information. That may be hard to believe in this day and age, but it happens more often than you think.

    If this kind of investigation sounds expensive and difficult, that’s because it is. But it is not your burden to bear. In a standard crane injury or wrongful death case, we work on a contingency fee, which means we front the costs to hire such experts. You do not have to come out of pocket for these costs. We take the risk because we believe in your case, and we believe you should get justice.

    Short answer: Most oilfield injury cases we have handled take 6 months to 3 years to resolve or get to trial, depending on the types of things outlined below.

    Sometimes our crane injury lawyers are able to make a demand and negotiate a settlement before a lawsuit is even filed.  But most times, crane and construction companies, service providers, and product manufacturers will not admit fault without a fight.

    What does this “fight” entail?  After we file a lawsuit on your behalf, your case usually enters the discovery phase. This is when we work to figure out what happened. We demand documents from the companies we believe may be responsible. We take sworn testimony or “depositions” from witnesses who were present when the incident happened, or who may know about policies and procedures that relate to an incident. We hire experts who are familiar with the work going on and the equipment involved, and will testify on your behalf. We may also hire medical experts who will establish your injuries were caused by the incident, economists who to figure out your lost wages and earning capacity, and lifecare planners to figure out how much your future medical care will cost.

    When the discovery process is complete, your lawsuit will typically go to a mediation. That is when a former judge or lawyer who is not involved in the case tries to help both sides come to an agreement on your compensation.

    If mediation and negotiations are unsuccessful, your case will go to trial. We have had cases settle during trial. Other times, we have to get a jury verdict, and after that, sometimes there is an appeal.

    We have had cases settle in less than 6 months. Other cases can take a few years. The court your case is assigned to, the strength of your case, and your (the client’s) wishes and expectations can be important factors in how long a case takes to resolve. We do our best to push cases forward to verdict or settlement as quickly as we can, and make sure you are supported along the way.

    Based on our clients’ experiences and feedback, as well as the large recoveries and settlements we have obtained for our clients, we believe our approach works. We would be privileged to make our method work for you and your family.

    The second most common type of crane injury is fatality. The most common cause of death related to cranes is being hit by a moving or falling object. This can happen when someone is working on a crane, but it also happens when workers are on the ground below. Other common causes of fatality include when the crane is being assembled or dissassembled or in relatively routine use.

    In the old days, a person’s personal injury claim died along with them. Now, most states have passed “wrongful death” statutes. These laws entitle the surviving family members or executor of a dead workers’ estate to bring claims for compensation on behalf of the worker who has died. For example, the following states have wrongful death statutes that may provide compensation to the wives and family members of crane workers who die on the job:

    • Louisiana. § 2512.2 of the Louisiana Civil Code.
    • New Mexico. New Mexico Statutes Section 41-2-1.
    • North Dakota. North Dakota statute Section 32-21-01.
    • Oklahoma. Oklahoma Statutes § 12-1053.
    • Pennsylvania. 42 Pa. C.S.A. Section 8301.
    • Texas. Chapter 71 of the Texas Civil Practices & Remedies Code.
    • West Virginia. WV Code §§ 55-7-5; 55-7-6.
    • Wyoming. Wyo. Stat. § 1-38-101.

    You can learn more about wrongful death actions on our website. For legal advice, and to better understand your rights, we encourage you to consult with one of our attorneys, confidentially and without any cost to you.

    Short answer: Typically not, unless you decide to.

    Over 90 percent of personal injury and wrongful death cases settle. The ultimate decision whether or not to settle is up to the client.

    If a settlement offer is made, we will give you our advice. Sometimes we may recommend turning down an offer, either because we think you should hold out for a better offer, or because we think your case should go to trial. Sometimes we may believe an offer is acceptable and recommend that you take it. In either case, you ultimately decide whether or not to accept a settlement offer, within reason.

    A case can settle at any point. Some cases settle early within the first 6months or even sooner, before a lawsuit is filed. Some cases take years to wind themselves through the trial and appeal process. More often than not, clients have a say in how long the process takes, because clients decide whether or not to accept the settlement offers that are made.

    Cases that involve millions of dollars typically take longer to resolve than small cases. Clients who want top dollar in large cases typically have to hold out for longer. In catastrophic, multi-million-dollar cases, corporations and insurance companies often dangle less than fair value early on, and right up until the bitter end, hoping that injured people will become desperate. Our crane injury lawyers do our best to support our clients in such cases, make sure they understand what is going on, and prepare them to do what is necessary to get full and fair value for their cases, which in serious injury cases often means millions of dollars.

    Many crane workers who are injured assume that workers’ compensation insurance will take care of them if an injury occurs. They are rightfully disappointed when they learn that, instead, workers’ compensation only pays a small portion of their lost wages.

    Further, in some cases, workers’ compensation attempts to force injured workers to treat with doctors in the workers’ comp “system” who tend to under-diagnose injuries to save the corporations and insurance carriers money.

    To recover lost wages, and be made whole, most injured crane workers have to file a personal injury lawsuit. This is often only possible if a “third party” is responsible for the incident, because in most cases, a worker cannot sue the employer that provides the workers’ compensation insurance.

    The good news is that, in crane accidents, a “third party” is often at least partly responsible for the incident. An crane services company, construction company, or equipment provider may have been onsite and made a bad decision. A safety company may have prepared inadequate policies and procedures which contributed to an incident. A piece of equipment may have been defectively designed or manufactured. In such cases, crane workers and their families are often entitled to recover lost wages and earning capacity from these “third parties.” To calculate lost wages and earning capacity, our crane lawyers typically will retain an expert economist, who will take into consideration things like your past earnings, the rate of inflation, and U.S. Department of Labor statistics regarding work-life expectancy.

    Importantly, you may not immediately recognize that a “third party” was responsible. That is why it is important to consult with our experienced injury lawyers, who have handled many crane injury and death cases, so that we can help you spot a potential responsible party. That may be the only way to help your family get back on their feet.

    In a serious injury case, such as those involving brain injury, amputation, burns, paralysis, and spine (neck and back) injuries requiring surgery, an injured crane  worker may need medical care for the rest of their lives.

    How do you make sure the medical care for those injures is provided for? Our crane injury attorneys will frequently consult with experts whose job it is to figure out what treatment is necessary, and estimate how much it is going to cost.

    Here are a few examples. If a crane malfunction has caused you burn injuries, you may need to consult with a burn expert, often a plastic surgeon who works in a burn hospital. On the other hand, a crane worker struck by a piece of falling equipment who is paralyzed or partially paralyzed may need to consult with a neurologist or physical rehabilitation doctor familiar with the future medical needs of such patients. A person who has had a limb caught in between pieces of moving equipment or a falling rig structure may have limbs amputated, and they may need to consult with experts who specialize in cutting-edge prosthetics, including what may be coming on the market in the future, and how much the prosthetics are likely to cost. A head injury victim may need to have a neuropsychologist evaluate and determine what kinds of rehabilitation and future attendant nursing care will be needed. An crane worker with a neck or back injury requiring surgery may need a spine surgery expert who can analyze what follow-up procedures may be needed down the road.

    After those consultations are done, and recommendations are made by the field experts, our crane injury lawyers often retain a lifecare planner to estimate the likely cost of the future treatment. Those costs are then submitted to the defense (and, if there is a trial, to the jury) to evaluate, and ultimately award compensation. In a serious injury case, it is often critical to have these issues evaluated, to make sure that you are able to get the care you need going forward. Our crane injury attorneys have years of experience finding and retaining medical experts. We have consulted with hundreds of doctors and lifecare planners, and we have identified those who (we believe) are most qualified to give the opinions needed to maximize our clients’ recovery, and ensure their needs are met. We generally work on contingency fee, which means in most cases, we front the costs of retaining these experts, and we only recoup those costs when we win your case. We work hard to make sure your medical needs are estimated by the right experts, and that your future is provided for.

    Generally, the answer is no.

    Our crane injury lawyers regularly handle cases for injured workers who receive workers’ compensation from their employers. These workers cannot bring claims against their employers, but they are able to bring “third party claims” against other companies who may be partly or wholly at fault for accidents that occur. Bringing these third party claims is critical to families of those injured when working with and around cranes, because most workers’ compensation insurance programs pay only a fraction of what is needed to make ends meet.

    In the field, several contractors typically work alongside the crane operator. An injured worker typically cannot bring a lawsuit against his or her direct employer, the company who purchased the workers’ compensation insurance. However, the worker is often entitled to recover from the other companies who were involved in the incident, or from a company that is involved in providing a piece of equipment that fails or is defective. Our firm has found that the at-fault party may not be obvious at first, which is why consulting with an experienced crane injury lawyer who handles crane injury cases is important, and in many cases can be critical.

     If your injuries are serious or catastrophic, hiring an experienced crane injury attorney who is skilled at identifying these third party claims can mean the difference between living a comfortable life, and having no food on the table.

    Texas had more fatal occupational injuries due to cranes as the next three states combined from 2011 to 2017. Check out the table below, it spotlights the five states that have endured the most fatal accidents related to cranes.

    Fatal Occupational Injuries Involving Cranes By State (2011–2017)


    Number of Fatal Injuries Involving Cranes





    New York






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    Amanda W.
    Amanda W.
    After a car accident last year I went to Morrow & Sheppard for assistance. Jose and Chris were exceptionally accommodating and handled my case with professionalism. They're primary concern was my well being and they went above and beyond to ensure I would receive the best settlement possible. A very efficient and dedicated team!
    Susan L.
    Susan L.
    I've been in the legal field for a while now and not only do I know John Sheppard & Nick Morrow, I have attorney friends that have worked with them throughout the years. This is a great firm and great people that work at Morrow & Sheppard. I have been reading the reviews on here and it makes me happy to see that their clients think as highly of them as I do.
    Dale S.
    Dale S.
    I was injured and my business closed down due to an accident in 2016. Daniel Sheppard became my greatest asset. He hired professional experts for their views and opinions as well as conducting numerous depositions. Daniel is hard working and no nonsense when handling your case. Daniel keeps you informed on what's going on and what to expect. I'm from Louisiana and my case was in Texas. Daniel Sheppard worked alone side my other attorney Yuri Beck, and the both of them did a fantastic job representing me and settling my case. Daniel Sheppard of Morrow & Sheppard in Texas and Yuri Beck of Hunter & Beck in Louisiana are my lawyers for LIFE.
    Rosie E.
    Rosie E.
    Nick Morrow and John Sheppard were the lead attorneys on my case to hold an apartment complex with inadequate security responsible for the death of my son. The two of them were focused and determined to represent me and my son's children with tenacity. As the case continued over time, it became apparent that we were not merely clients that were a means to a financial end to them but people who had experienced a life changing and devastating loss. They realized that as a result of our loss, there needed to be accountability that could only be obtained through legal actions. Throughout the legal process, Nick Morrow and John Sheppard were not only professional and transparent but also compassionate and empathetic as they lead us through the difficult and sometimes confusing legal maze. Every person in their office that was involved with our case exemplified an extension of the genuine concern that began with attorneys Morrow and Sheppard. I have and will continue to recommend this firm to individuals who find themselves in need of legal representation.
    Don D.
    Don D.
    The legal team at Morrow and Shepherd worked hard to help me win my case where a motorist who caused the accident changed her story and lied about the accident. A previous attorney kept telling me that I would probably have to pay some of the medical costs out of my own pocket.Daniel, my attorney, assured me that he would it is best to make sure this did not happen and that he would fight to get me the best compensation possible. He was true to his word.I'm happy with their work, happy with the compensation and would definitely use them again.The Legal Assistant, Chris, was always professional, friendly and polite and a pleasure to work with.A big thanks to the team!Don
    Jeff N.
    Jeff N.
    Nick and his group have helped where they can and are working hard to get a resolution to my injuries. I spoke with 4 different law firms prior to choosing Morrow & Sheppard LLP.ThanksJeff
    Elizabeth Swanson V.
    Elizabeth Swanson V.
    I was referred to Daniel Sheppard because of a car accident I had been in. I was very impressed with how he told me about the process of how things worked and the things to expect. He was very forth coming and always supportive. The experience was a positive one and ended on a great note! I highly recommend him.Elizabeth Varon
    Christine E.
    Christine E.
    Before I engaged John Sheppard, I was concerned that I might lose my case. However, John came onboard, turned things around, and set me on a good course to win. He got up to speed quickly on the facts and determined exactly what we needed to do. He is great at strategy, filing discovery and other motions, and arguing before the court. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. If you need legal help in a personal injury action, commercial law or whatever, hire him immediately! He is a pleasure to work with, will thoroughly explain all to you in a manner you can understand, and will get you the best possible outcome. A+++
    BB C.
    BB C.
    I was seriously injured and they represented me and I was so happy with the outcome and would recommend them to any others seeking professional lawyers. They also set me up with the best doctors. My son and I have now put this lawsuit behind us thanks to Morrow & Sheppard.
    Stephen T.
    Stephen T.
    Phenomenal lawyer. I can not heap enough praise on these guys,.
    III 4.
    III 4.
    Nick Morrow is a GREAT lawyer that really knows his job. He made me feel comfortable about hiring him to handle my case. He’s trustworthy and very compassionate about his work. His staff is awesome also, everyone was nice and friendly to me when I visited the office. The settlement I received exceeded my expectations, it was four times what I expected. I would highly recommend Morrow and Sheppard to anyone needing legal representation. Thanks again Nick!!
    tim C.
    tim C.
    I was injured working offshore. Morrow & Sheppard handled my maritime case and won a great settlement for me. If you have been injured at work, Morrow & Sheppard are great offshore injury lawyers.
    Dwana M.
    Dwana M.
    Morrow & Sheppard won my family a multimillion dollar settlement in a wrongful death case after my kids’ father died. The settlement money will help make sure my family is taken care of, and that my kids can go to college. If you have a wrongful death case or a loved one dies at work, call Morrow & Sheppard. They will take care of you.
    Ky Evans - Celebrity Strength Coach (The LIFT L.
    Ky Evans - Celebrity Strength Coach (The LIFT L.
    Morrow & Sheppard helped me when my employer breached my contract. They took the case from start to finish, and won our trial. If you’ve been injured or wronged at work, call Morrow & Sheppard.
    Dinah R.
    Dinah R.
    I suffered a work injury when the work vehicle I was riding in was involved in an accident with another car. Morrow & Sheppard took my case and won a great settlement for me. If you need a work injury attorney, I highly recommend Morrow & Sheppard.

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