What to do After a Serious Bus Accident

October 18, 2019

As roads in the cities and the towns of America become more congested the likelihood of an accident increases. No one plans to be in an accident, and most people don’t expect to ever be in an accident while riding on a bus. However, these things happen and you should know what to do to protect yourself in the event that an accident occurs while you are riding on a bus. Following this advice can help you avoid negative consequences that can result from being in an accident. Once this checklist is taken care of, do not hesitate to contact a bus accident lawyer.

Call 911

This seems like an obvious tip but many people do not think to call for emergency services in the immediate aftermath of an accident. Calling 911 ensures that anyone who needs help can get it quickly. Any delay can be the difference between life and death for you, the driver, or another passenger.

Seek Medical Evaluation

Even if you think that you are not injured you should be checked by a medical professional in the aftermath of an accident. The surge of adrenaline can often mask pain. Often this pain manifests itself when the adrenaline subsides and by then, long term medical problems may develop.

Collect Evidence

Collecting evidence may be the best thing you can do for yourself and the other passengers after a bus accident. If you are physically able you should begin collecting evidence as soon as possible. Insurance companies are looking to find any reason not to pay you for your pain and suffering. You need to document any evidence that might prove their liability because they will surely not do it for you. Take pictures, talk with other passengers, and write notes so that you can remember the important details if there are legal proceedings.

Avoid Speaking With the Driver or Other Representatives of the Company

Since the bus company will have a team of lawyers and agents whose only job is to avoid paying you, it is advisable to stay away from them after an accident. Anything that you say to them can be held against you and nothing good will come from conversing with them. You want to go into court with every advantage, don’t give them the advantage by speaking with them when you don’t need to.

Consult Legal Counsel

After the accident, you will receive phone calls from the insurance company inquiring about the event. The agents are going to do their best to get you to say things that will weaken your case. It is in their best interest to poke holes in your story and create a narrative in which their clients are not at fault for your injuries. You must speak with an experienced bus accident attorney and follow their advice. They know the process of injury law and they know the tactics that insurance companies use to avoid payouts. They work with you to get compensation for your injuries.

An Experienced Bus Accident Attorney Can Help

The bus company and the insurance company will have a team of lawyers to use against you in court. Their only job is to save their clients money by not paying you for an accident in which you were injured on their vehicle. Do not go into court without an advocate of your own. A good bus accident lawyer has extensive knowledge and experience in the area and can help you to receive the compensation that you deserve.

If you have been a passenger in a bus accident, there are a number of things that you should do in the aftermath. When you are safe and have been treated for any injuries contact us at Morrow and Sheppard to discuss the accident and how we can help you get what you deserve. Our team has extensive experience in injury law and we have the expertise to make sure that you are properly compensated. Our prime location allows us to represent clients against the Greyhound bus company, which is also headquartered in Texas.

You deserve to get back to your normal life as soon as possible after an accident. We can help you hold the bus company, driver, or any other at-fault party accountable for your pain and suffering.

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