What Oil Refineries Are In Texas?

Below is a list of the active oil refineries in Texas, as well as their operator, location, year of construction, barrels of oil per day capacity, and number of workers.

Have They Had Safety Incidents?

All of these oil refineries have had significant safety issues and industrial accidents. A few examples of these accidents are listed.

Refinery NameOwner/OperatorLocationYear BuiltBarrels/dayEmployees
Baytown RefineryExxonMobilBaytown, Texas1920584,0002,200 Exxon
2,100 contractors
Big Spring RefineryAlon USABig Spring, Texas192873,000200
Beaumont RefineryExxonMobilBeaumont, Texas1903365,0002,000 Exxon
1,000 contractors
Borger RefineryPhillips 66/CenovusBorger, Texas1927146,000720 Phillips 66
200 contractors
Corpus Christi ComplexFlint Hills ResourcesCorpus Christi, Texas1952300,0001,000
Corpus Christi RefineryCitgoCorpus Christi, Texas1930s157,0001,000
Bill Greehey East & West RefineriesValeroCorpus Christi, Texas1983325,000820 Valero
300 contractors
Deer Park RefineryShell Oil CompanyDeer Park, Texas1929340,0001,700
Double Punch RefineryBarton RefiningAustin, Texas24
El Paso RefineryWestern RefiningEl Paso, Texas1928128,000450
Galveston Bay RefineryMarathon Petroleum CompanyTexas City, Texas1934451,0001,925 Marathon
800 contractors
Houston RefineryLyondellHouston, Texas1918268,0001,300
Houston RefineryValeroHouston, Texas1942160,000450
Independent RefineryStratnorHouston, Texas50,000
McKee RefineryValeroHouston, Texas1933170,000450
Nixon RefineryBlue DolphinNixon, Texas198015,00053
Pasadena RefineryPetrobrasPasadena, Texas1920100,000363
Port Arthur RefineryTotalPort Arthur, Texas1936174,000600
Port Arthur RefineryMotiva/ShellPort Arthur, Texas1903600,0002,000
Port Arthur RefineryValeroPort Arthur, Texas1901310,000820
PenrecoCalumet Penreco LLCDickinson, Texas1940s1,300
San Antonio RefineryCalumetSan Antonio, Texas195517,500
South Hampton RefineryArabian American DevelopmentSilsbee, Texas19556,000100-250
Sweeny RefineryPhillips 66Sweeny, Texas1942247,0001,250
Texas City RefineryMarathon Petroleum CompanyTexas City, Texas193184,000275 Marathon
225 contractors
Texas City RefineryValeroTexas City, Texas1908245,000480
Three Rivers RefineryValeroThree Rivers, Texas1974100,000305
Tyler RefineryDelek Refining Ltd.Tyler, TexasPre-196360,000270

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