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    Permian Basin Oilfield Injury Attorneys

    In the Permian Basin, most oilfield workers view oilfield jobs as opportunities for high pay and career advancement.  Unfortunately, all too often, companies value profits over worker safety.  The failure to operate safely has resulted in thousands of needless oilfield accidents, ranging from neck and back injuries to paralysis, burns, traumatic brain injuries, and even death. Our Permian Basin oilfield injury attorneys help workers and their families navigate the complicated process of what to do after a catastrophic injury or death.  We do not hate the oil & gas business, but the claim and lawsuit process has always been necessary. Oil and oilfield service companies are not in the business of paying claims until they are proven. Our job is to help you do just that. Sometimes, the responsible companies must be punished to save other workers and families from enduring the same hardship.  We are proud that our cases have changed how many companies do business, making them safer. In many cases, we have helped workers and oilfield families recover millions of dollars needed to provide medical care and lost wages and compensate for pain, suffering, and other damages.  Many of our clients did not even know the companies had done something wrong until our investigation uncovered a rule violation. Many clients were told they would recover nothing because their employer had workers’ compensation insurance when workers’ compensation coverage does not apply to the other companies that are present and contribute to an injury. Our Permian Basin oilfield injury law firm helps clients resolve these difficult issues. We provide these services on contingency fees, so our clients do not have to pay out of pocket for our investigation and development of your claims. We only get paid when and if you win your case. Consultation calls are free and confidential; calling us to learn your rights does not mean you must file a claim.

    Insurance & Workers’ Comp

    Many do not know that nearly all service companies, oil companies, and product manufacturers have insurance. These companies have resources set aside to compensate workers when something bad happens. But even though companies have resources set aside for worker injuries, most operators, oilfield service companies, and their insurance carriers will not pay full value to an injured worker without a fight. That means injured oilfield workers and their families must hire attorneys to ensure their future is provided for. Despite what you may have been told, workers’ compensation does not prevent you from bringing any claim or lawsuit for your oilfield injuries. At worst, workers’ compensation may prevent you from filing a claim against your direct employer. But in the oilfield, most worksites have several companies working together. You typically have the right to bring a claim against the other companies even if your employer provides workers’ comp. Further, full or partial responsibility for an oilfield incident may lie with a company that was not even present when the incident occurred, such as a product manufacturer, inspection company, design company, or equipment rental company. Figuring out whether you have an oilfield claim and who is responsible can be complicated. Our Permian Basin oilfield injury lawyers have represented countless injured workers and families in catastrophic oilfield injury and wrongful death claims, and we have recovered millions for our clients. We work on contingency fees (which means you do not pay us out of pocket), and our communications are kept confidential. We know it is stressful and weird to call a lawyer for the first time, and we try to create an environment where you feel comfortable talking to us about your potential case.

    The Permian Basin

    The Permian Basin is a shale basin about 250 miles wide and 300 miles long, spanning parts of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico. The Permian Basin spans over 18 counties in Texas and 2 counties in New Mexico. The largest cities in the Permian Basin Region include:

    • El Paso

    • Midland

    • Odessa

    • San Angelo

    • Hobbs

    • Socorro

    • Carlsbad

    • Plainview

    • Andrews

    • Artesia

    • Pecos

    • Lamesa

    • Fort Stockton

    • Lubbock

    • Abilene

    • Las Cruces

    • Roswell

    • Del Rio

    • Alamogordo

    • Big Spring

    • Horizon City

    • Portales

    • Lovington

    • Big Lake

    • Monahans

    Oilfield Operations In The Permian Basin

    As of September 2022, the Permian Basin accounted for 344 out of a total 361 active oil rigs in Texas. This is by far the largest rig count of the “major plays,” which include:

    • Bakken Region at 39 rigs (North Dakota/Montana)

    • Rocky Mountain Region at 165 rigs (Colorado/New Mexico/Utah/Wyoming)

    • Central Plains Region at 65 rigs (Oklahoma/Kansas/Arkansas)

    • Gulf States Region at 63 rigs (Alabama/Louisiana/Mississippi)

    • Appalachian Region at 47 rigs (Ohio/Pennsylvania/West Virginia)

    Currently, Texas leads the nation in the number of oilfield service employees. With more activity in the oilfield, more risks and dangers present themselves for Texas Permian Basin oilfield workers.

    Causes Of Permian Oilfield Injuries And Wrongful Deaths

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has identified common safety hazards that oilfield workers are frequently exposed to, including:

    • Vehicle collisions

    • Being struck by, caught in, or caught between hazards

    • Electrical and other hazardous energy

    • Machine hazards

    • Confined space work

    • High pressure lines and equipment

    • Planning failures

    • Falls

    • Explosions

    • Fires

    You can learn more about failures that lead to oilfield accidents here and here.

    Permian Basin Oil Companies (“Operators”)

    Most of the “supermajor” players operate and invest in the Permian Basin. These include Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, and ConocoPhillips. However, roughly 80% of the Permian Basin output comes from medium and smaller independent producers. According to the Texas Railroad Commissions 2019 report, the following Permian Basin oil companies produced the largest amount of oil:

    • EOG Resources

    • XTO Energy

    • Occidental Permian

    • Chevron

    • Kinder Morgan

    • Pioneer Natural Resources

    • Burlington Resources

    • Encana

    • Parsley Energy

    • SM Energy

    • COG Operating

    • Chesapeake Operating

    • Apache Corporation

    • Devon Energy

    • Endeavor Energy

    • Diamondback E&P

    • Marathon Oil

    • Anadarko

    • Shell

    How Does A Permian Basin Oilfield Injury Lawyer Evaluate Your Case? How do I know if I have a case?

    Most oilfield injury lawsuits require proof of two things: (1) a company or its employees must have done something that was not reasonable under the circumstances, and (2) you must have sustained damages.

    Negligence or Wrongful Conduct/Activity

    To start, if your oilfield injury (or the death of a loved one) was caused by the wrongful activity of a company or coworker, you may have a case. Typically, you must prove that something occurred, an action was taken, or there was a failure to act that was not “reasonable” under the circumstances. Often this is proven by showing that an error was made or a safety protocol was ignored which led to your injury. It may not always be obvious. In many cases, personal injury lawyers and the experts they hire will uncover facts surrounding your injuries such as violations of industry standards or defective products. It is important to speak with experienced oilfield injury lawyers about the circumstances of your case – we know what to look for. Proving negligence or wrongful conduct is the first major element in any personal injury case, and the second major element is Damages.


    In order to recover compensation for your injuries, you will need to calculate “damages.” Obvious damages include medical costs for any array of injuries. Again, It is important to consult an oilfield personal injury lawyer because we can help evaluate the potential damages in your case based on the following common categories:

    1. Past and future medical treatment – this includes initial treatment, and having medical experts evaluate the future costs of medical care that you have not yet received by the time your case goes to trial.
    2. Lost income and earning capacity – not only does this include time off work, but also your ability to earn income in the future based on the severity of your injuries and your skills/education/job opportunities post-injury.
    3. Pain and suffering / Mental anguish – putting a price on suffering is difficult. However, our experienced oilfield injury attorneys understand how juries and insurance companies value certain types of injuries and pain you have experienced.
    4. Disfigurement / Impairment – again, these can be difficult to calculate, but our experienced attorneys understand how to value the effects your injuries have had on your body and capabilities.
    5. Loss of household services / Loss of consortium – these damages have to do with your loss of ability to contribute to your family and enjoy your familial relationships.

    Deadlines – How Long Do I Have to File My Oilfield Injury Case

    If you were injured as an oilfield worker in the Permian Basin, your deadlines for filing a lawsuit will most likely be calculated under the laws of Texas or New Mexico. The deadline to file a lawsuit is governed by each state’s statute of limitations. The deadline to file an oilfield injury claim or lawsuit can depend on the circumstances of your injuries, but below are the general deadlines that we commonly see in oilfield injury cases.

    State Statute of Limitations Source
    Texas 2 years Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 16.003
    New Mexico 3 years New Mexico Statutes § 37-1-8

    Again, you must consult an oilfield injury attorney to ensure you bring your claim. Many pitfalls are involved when finding the correct entities and properly calculating timelines. The quicker you consult us, the safer your claims will be.

    How Does the Process Work? How Long Will It Take to File Claims?

    We generally see that oilfield injury cases take between 6 months and 3 years to resolve.  Of course, this is subject to many different factors. The general order of events is as follows:

    1. From the outset, your primary focus should be getting the appropriate medical treatment to treat your injuries. Once you sign up with our firm, we begin collecting medical records to evaluate the path of treatment and the costs involved.
    2. Sometimes, we demand compensation from the company and/or their insurers early on based on the path of your treatment. We have had cases settled at this point. Unless the companies want to cover all contingencies and give you absolutely what you deserve (both for the present and in the long run), then we will typically have to start a “fight.”
    3. We will often file a lawsuit while you are continuing medical treatment. Most lawsuits start with the “discovery” phase, in which we collect all information surrounding your employment, injury, and investigation of the injury. We may take sworn testimony (“depositions”) from the company, its representatives, and their employees to get the full picture of what occurred. The companies may also take your deposition to understand your side of things.
    4. We often retain oilfield and damages experts who will analyze the cause of the accident/injuries, the medical treatment involved presently and in the future, the economics of your returning to the workforce for the remainder of your career, and so on.
    5. Typically, cases will then go to mediation, a formal settlement negotiation to avoid taking your case to a jury trial. Sometimes, mediation negotiations are successful, and the process will end there – with you receiving the compensation you deserve. Other times, mediation will prove unsuccessful, and we will continue under the Court’s deadlines to bring your case to trial before a jury. The likelihood of mediation success constantly varies: it depends on the strength of your case (how badly they acted to cause your injuries), the value of your case (all damages considered, as discussed above), and each side’s evaluation of how the case will present itself to a jury.
    6. If negotiations are unsuccessful, our attorneys are fully prepared to take your case to trial so that a jury of your peers can learn about your case and award you compensation.

    How Do I Stay Afloat During This Whole Process – Can I Recover Lost Wages for Time Off Work?

    Most oilfield workers are employed by companies with workers’ compensation insurance that will take care of them if they are injured. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation often only pays a small percentage of the money you made during your injury. This is why we attempt to file personal injury lawsuits instead of only collecting workers’ compensation. To file a personal injury lawsuit, you cannot directly sue a company paying you workers’ compensation. Therefore, we investigate who else or “third parties” are responsible for your injuries. Again, this is why consulting an oilfield injury attorney is important. Often, an injured worker will not know exactly which companies or entities were involved in causing the injuries. Our attorneys know how to investigate accidents and find the appropriate at-fault parties.

    How Much Will it Cost to File An Oilfield Injury Lawsuit?

    To hire experienced oilfield injury attorneys at Morrow & Sheppard, you will not pay us anything out of pocket. In most cases, Morrow & Sheppard attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means that our lawyers only collect fees out of the proceeds from your case.  Our firm advances costs to prosecute the lawsuit.

    How We Operate

    At Morrow & Sheppard, our Permian Basin oilfield injury attorneys have been fortunate to help many injured oilfield workers and their families during a catastrophe. We understand families’ hardships and the aggressive ways in which companies and insurers attempt to limit compensation and recovery for injured workers. We are here to fight on your behalf. Call an experienced Permian Basin oilfield injury lawyer at Morrow & Sheppard to better understand the process and evaluate your claims. We look forward to working for you.

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    I am Extremely Happy with Morrow & Sheppard Lawfirm. I worked closely with Daniel Sheppard and Chris on my case. They were diligent in handling my law case matter to resolution. Daniel would keep me up to date with the status of my case and Chris would also ensure all my paper work was submitted in a timely manner. I am Very Happy with the Outcome! Thank you Daniel and Chris. I highly recommend their services and would not hesitate to use them again.
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    Very strong and courageous law firm I recommend to anyone who has suffered a injury from companies who need to be held responsible for lack of safety and security, my family is set for life and with these lawyers never backing down and fighting for truth behind every case and seeking the best future for our family has given our family a second chance at being able to make it in life and holding companies accountable lifting burdens off our lives, very proud and beyond blessed to have had them fight the fight and have a tremendous outcome for our future. Along with a great and kind staff we HIGHLY recommend this law firm.
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    I was a client for 2.5 years after a car accident in 2019 and represented by Patrick McGinnis. He was knowledgable, compassionate, and level headed.His assisting paralegal, Ramona Anaya, was reliable, knowledgable, and kind in all our interactions.They went above and beyond to help me navigate everything that unfolded after my car accident. They were able to secure a favorable settlement before trial.I’m very happy to have had Morrow&Sheppard Firm represent me.
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    Professional and knowledgeable with years of experience.
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    I was injured and my business closed down due to an accident in 2016. Daniel Sheppard became my greatest asset. He hired professional experts for their views and opinions as well as conducting numerous depositions. Daniel is hard working and no nonsense when handling your case. Daniel keeps you informed on what's going on and what to expect. I'm from Louisiana and my case was in Texas. Daniel Sheppard worked alone side my other attorney Yuri Beck, and the both of them did a fantastic job representing me and settling my case. Daniel Sheppard of Morrow & Sheppard in Texas and Yuri Beck of Hunter & Beck in Louisiana are my lawyers for LIFE.
    Rosie E.
    Rosie E.
    Nick Morrow and John Sheppard were the lead attorneys on my case to hold an apartment complex with inadequate security responsible for the death of my son. The two of them were focused and determined to represent me and my son's children with tenacity. As the case continued over time, it became apparent that we were not merely clients that were a means to a financial end to them but people who had experienced a life changing and devastating loss. They realized that as a result of our loss, there needed to be accountability that could only be obtained through legal actions. Throughout the legal process, Nick Morrow and John Sheppard were not only professional and transparent but also compassionate and empathetic as they lead us through the difficult and sometimes confusing legal maze. Every person in their office that was involved with our case exemplified an extension of the genuine concern that began with attorneys Morrow and Sheppard. I have and will continue to recommend this firm to individuals who find themselves in need of legal representation.
    Don D.
    Don D.
    The legal team at Morrow and Shepherd worked hard to help me win my case where a motorist who caused the accident changed her story and lied about the accident. A previous attorney kept telling me that I would probably have to pay some of the medical costs out of my own pocket.Daniel, my attorney, assured me that he would it is best to make sure this did not happen and that he would fight to get me the best compensation possible. He was true to his word.I'm happy with their work, happy with the compensation and would definitely use them again.The Legal Assistant, Chris, was always professional, friendly and polite and a pleasure to work with.A big thanks to the team!Don
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    Nick and his group have helped where they can and are working hard to get a resolution to my injuries. I spoke with 4 different law firms prior to choosing Morrow & Sheppard LLP.ThanksJeff
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    I was referred to Daniel Sheppard because of a car accident I had been in. I was very impressed with how he told me about the process of how things worked and the things to expect. He was very forth coming and always supportive. The experience was a positive one and ended on a great note! I highly recommend him.Elizabeth Varon
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    Before I engaged John Sheppard, I was concerned that I might lose my case. However, John came onboard, turned things around, and set me on a good course to win. He got up to speed quickly on the facts and determined exactly what we needed to do. He is great at strategy, filing discovery and other motions, and arguing before the court. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. If you need legal help in a personal injury action, commercial law or whatever, hire him immediately! He is a pleasure to work with, will thoroughly explain all to you in a manner you can understand, and will get you the best possible outcome. A+++
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    I was seriously injured and they represented me and I was so happy with the outcome and would recommend them to any others seeking professional lawyers. They also set me up with the best doctors. My son and I have now put this lawsuit behind us thanks to Morrow & Sheppard.
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    Phenomenal lawyer. I can not heap enough praise on these guys,.
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    Nick Morrow is a GREAT lawyer that really knows his job. He made me feel comfortable about hiring him to handle my case. He’s trustworthy and very compassionate about his work. His staff is awesome also, everyone was nice and friendly to me when I visited the office. The settlement I received exceeded my expectations, it was four times what I expected. I would highly recommend Morrow and Sheppard to anyone needing legal representation. Thanks again Nick!!
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    I was injured working offshore. Morrow & Sheppard handled my maritime case and won a great settlement for me. If you have been injured at work, Morrow & Sheppard are great offshore injury lawyers.
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    Dwana M.
    Morrow & Sheppard won my family a multimillion dollar settlement in a wrongful death case after my kids’ father died. The settlement money will help make sure my family is taken care of, and that my kids can go to college. If you have a wrongful death case or a loved one dies at work, call Morrow & Sheppard. They will take care of you.
    Ky Evans - Celebrity Strength Coach (The LIFT L.
    Ky Evans - Celebrity Strength Coach (The LIFT L.
    Morrow & Sheppard helped me when my employer breached my contract. They took the case from start to finish, and won our trial. If you’ve been injured or wronged at work, call Morrow & Sheppard.
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    Dinah R.
    I suffered a work injury when the work vehicle I was riding in was involved in an accident with another car. Morrow & Sheppard took my case and won a great settlement for me. If you need a work injury attorney, I highly recommend Morrow & Sheppard.

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