Deadly 18-Wheeler Crash in Midland-Odessa

May 1, 2020

In early April of 2020, a deadly crash occurred near Midland Texas westbound on I-20, forcing lane closures. Even though traffic is down due to COVID-19 and we greatly appreciate our brave and essential truckers, the roads are still dangerous.

Investigators reconstructed the scene to find that an F-250 truck was traveling westbound in the outside lane at a slow speed during a traffic jam near the Lamesa overpass. A garbage truck was following behind the F-250 at a slow speed. An 18-wheeler traveling too fast attempted to switch lanes, moving into the left-hand lane and crashing into the garbage truck’s back left corner, causing the garbage truck to collide with the F-250 in front. The collisions caused the garbage truck to flip sideways and capsize, coming to rest on its own top.

The drivers of the F-250 and the garbage tuck appeared uninjured, and were seen walking around near the accident scene by eye-witnesses. Sadly, both the driver and passenger of the 18-wheeler were pronounced dead at the scene by a Midland Justice of the Peace.

Unfortunately, these accidents occur all too often on major interstate highways, especially rural highways. A similar accident occurred in Midland on Thursday, January 16th, where an a18-wheeler traveling west on CR 160 east of Midland reportedly blew a stop sign and crashed into a Dodge Ram. In that accident, the 18-wheeler driver also died, leaving the four passengers of the Dodge Ram injured.

Then, in mid-march of 2020, the Odessa Police department reported and investigated a deadly crash on I-20 between Grant and Grandview, Texas. In that instance, an 18-wheeler driver failed to control his speed and struck the back of a Jaguar, and the Jaguar crashed into a Dodge truck. The Jaguar-driver suffered life-threatening injuries, while the passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the 18-wheeler had been driving over 16 hours without proper rest, according to investigators. The lack of rest was determined a violation of the Federal Hours of Service Regulation. Odessa Police department then obtained warrants for the driver’s arrest, who was located in California and subsequently arrested by the United States Marshal’s service on charges of manslaughter.

Each of these accidents represents common issues present in 18-wheeler accidents. Drivers are often overworked or exhausted by independent motor carriers, freight companies, and distribution companies. Failure to control speed often occurs frequently in high density areas, or in states like Texas that are considered heavy transit states. Statistics show that in recent years, the number of 18-wheelers and large commercial trucks involved in injury crashes is continuously increasing.

Truck Accident Victims are Legally Entitled to Compensation for Negligent Driving

Texas law permits crash victims (and family members in fatal accidents) to recover money for medical costs, direct expenses, and other pain and other pain and suffering that surrounds devastating accidents. Distributors, Carriers, and other Commercial Drivers are held to high standards of safety on the road, regulated by the Federal and State Governments.

If you or a loved on have been injured in an accident involving an 18-wheeler or other commercial vehicle, you are entitled to compensation. Speak with an experienced trucking accident attorney at Morrow & Sheppard LLP to understand the rules that govern these accidents.

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