Gas Line Explodes in Santa Fe, Texas Injuring at least 5 Workers

June 7, 2019

Five gas company contract workers were injured when a gas line exploded, sending a violent column of flames into the air in Santa Fe, Texas.  The explosion occurred around 6:00 p.m. on June 6, 2019.  The fire shut down 24th Street for some time, and firefighters from Santa Fe, Hitchcock, and Texas City all responded to the scene.

KHOU Channel 11 posted a video of the scenes that followed the explosion, which depicts the flames erupting from the ground and transportation of the injured workers via gurney, ambulance, and Life Flight.

Two of the workers suffered severe burns and were airlifted to the hospital, according to law enforcement.

Three of the other workers injured were taken to the UTMB Health Trauma Center at John Sealy Hospital in Galveston, Texas.

According to reports, workers were preparing a gas line.

Statements from CenterPoint

Following the Incident, CenterPoint issued the following statement:

“Five contract crew members were transported to UTMB Galveston for treatment as a result of their injuries. Their conditions are unknown at this time. CenterPoint Energy crews remain on site, working closely with emergency responders to secure the area and investigate the cause of the incident. We would like to thank the City of Santa Fe and all of the emergency responders for their support and assistance.”

The following day, CenterPoint had this to say:

“On the evening of Thursday, June 6, CenterPoint Energy responded to a natural gas incident in Santa Fe, Texas. Contract crews with Dayton Pipeline were working for CenterPoint Energy when the incident occurred. Five contract crew members were transported to UTMB Galveston for treatment as a result of their injuries. Inquiries on their conditions should be directed to Dayton Pipeline. Our thoughts are with the injured contract crew members and their families at this time. CenterPoint Energy continues to work closely with Dayton Pipeline and local first responders to investigate the cause of the incident.”

The cause of Thursday’s gas line explosion has not yet been determined.  Morrow & Sheppard LLP’s gas explosion attorneys will continue to follow this story as details emerge.

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