Houston Gets Low Marks for Driver Safety

February 11, 2016

Recently, insurance company Allstate released its America’s Best Drivers Report for 2015. The report ranks the United States’ 200 largest cities from first to worst in terms of driver safety, taking into consideration a number of different factors. So, how did Houston, the country’s fourth largest city by population, fare in the report?

Not good.

Houston Ranks 170th Out of 200

Out of the nation’s 200 largest cities, Houston came in 170th. This is behind New York and Chicago (151st and 134th, respectively), but ahead of Los Angeles (191st) – the three largest cities in the United States.

However, Houston was not the lowest-ranking city in Texas. In fact, a handful of cities from the Lone Star State came in lower:

  • Grand Prairie, TX (171st)
  • Arlington, TX (175th)
  • Dallas, TX (177th)
  • Garland, TX (181st)
  • Irving, TX (182nd)

What was the highest-ranking Texas city? That honor goes to Brownsville, which actually came in second on the list. Laredo, TX was also in the top 10.

Why Does Houston Get Low Marks for Driver Safety?

In establishing its rankings, the report focuses on two primary factors: (i) average years between accidents for individual drivers, and (ii) drivers’ relative likelihood of being involved in an accident when compared to the national average.

While drivers in the country’s top-ranking cities go more than 13 years between accidents, in Houston, the average is about half of that. On average, Houston drivers are involved in an auto accident once every 7.2 years.

With respect to the likelihood of being involved in an accident, drivers in Houston are nearly 40 percent above the national average. By comparison, the four best cities are more than 20 percent below, and the four worst cities are more than 100 percent above.

Houston May Be Becoming More Dangerous for Drivers

Just as concerning as these statistics is the fact that Houston dropped twelve spots in the rankings from 2014 – after 2014 saw a drop from 2013. In 2014, Houston drivers were averaging nearly half a year longer between accidents, and their likelihood of being involved in an accident was just under 30 percent above the national average. For a one-year time period, these are substantial changes.

What is Leading to So Many Accidents?

The report does not detail the specific causes of accidents – or what has contributed to the increasing risk of accidents in Houston – but we see a number of possible factors. For one, Houston’s population is continuing to grow. As more people are coming into the city to live and work, I-10 and the other major highways are seeing more bumper-to-bumper traffic, and streets downtown are getting more congested. More cars and trucks mean more accidents.

As for other factors, driving distractions from mobile devices and in-car technology may be playing a role, as may other common issues such as inattentiveness and drunk driving. When these and other factors are to blame, accident victims may be entitled to recover financial compensation.

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