Injured On The Job By A Crane?

September 21, 2020

Cranes are industrial tools that are commonly used at industrial sites to lift and move heavy objects. While a crane can be a very valuable tool, it also comes with certain dangers and risks that can cause serious injury or death to its operator or those who are in the vicinity of the crane while in use.

Statistics Regarding Occupational Injuries Involving Cranes

During a recent 5-year study, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 220 total crane-related deaths. This is an average of 44 deaths per year. It was shown that men accounted for 217 of the 220 fatal injuries involving cranes. Since the study was initiated in 2011, the total number of crane accidents on average has risen.

Fatal Occupational Injuries Involving Cranes

Fatal occupational injuries involving cranes by type of event, 2011-15
Event Type 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Total 37 47 43 48 45
Transportation incidents 7 4 4 9 6
Struck by object/equipment 15 24 28 22 23
Falls to lower level 8 3 5 7 7


Another recent study that looked into the total number of crane accidents during a 7-year span between 2011-2017 found that Texas leads the nation in crane accidents with a total of 50 accidents. To put this number into perspective, Florida, New York, California, and Illinois combined (the leaders in crane incidents behind Texas) to have 50 crane accidents over the same 7-year span.

What Are Some Of The Major Causes Of Crane Accidents?

  • Disobeying the manufacturer’s instructions regarding proper use
  • Improper crane selection (inadequate capacity, design, or size)
  • Operating a crane during dangerous weather conditions
  • Improper rigging or crane set up
  • Operating a crane where falling debris or other hazardous conditions pose a risk to the crane operator or other workers nearby
  • Inadequate training for crane operator
  • Operating a crane near power lines

OSHA (the agency responsible for investigating crane accidents) has discovered that almost 50% of crane accidents are caused by the boom or crane making contact with energized power lines. Regardless of the cause, the construction accident attorneys at Morrow & Sheppard LLP firmly stand by one simple principle that should govern all companies who have employees that work around dangerous equipment: All accidents can be prevented.

If you or a loved has been injured at work by a crane, you have legal rights that should be handled by experienced attorneys. The crane accident attorneys at Morrow & Sheppard LLP have years of experience with industrial accidents. Call us today at 800-489-2216 for a free consultation regarding your accident and injuries.

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