Multiple Explosions and Fires at Wyoming Oilfield Site Severely Burns Three Workers

December 10, 2019

Three unidentified oilfield workers are recovering today from severe burns and injuries following multiple explosions and a fire at a Wyoming oil field compressor station late Thursday night on December 5, 2019. According to Laramie County Fire District No. 4’s Fire Chief Scott Maddison, one injured worker was airlifted to Western States Burn Center in Greeley, Colorado and the other two were taken by ambulance to Cheyenne Regional Medical Center where they were later transported to Greeley. “Those guys have a long road ahead,” said Fire Chief Scott Maddison to the Casper Star-Tribune on Friday. Fortunately, as of Friday afternoon, the workers’ injuries were all upgraded to stable condition and they were able to speak to their families.

The explosion is reported to have erupted shortly before 7:30 p.m. at a compressor station site owned by Houston, Texas-based EOG Resources, Inc. and located just west of Carpenter, WY approximately 20 miles from Cheyenne and near the Colorado border.

EOG Resources, Inc. has confirmed that all three of the explosion victims were contract workers, but authorities have yet to release their names or the identity of their employer. EOG Resources, Inc. has confirmed that the explosion and its cause is still under investigation.

A worker who witnessed the explosion reported hearing a “pop, pop” sound and attempted to shut off the gas seconds before the explosion occurred. According to Fire Chief Maddison, the worker stated that when turned around, “he heard another explosion and it was like a huge fireball.” Fortunately, the worker who witnessed the explosion was unhurt.

Fire Chief Maddison stated that all that is known at this time is that whatever its cause, the fire and subsequent explosion were “natural gas-fed” and “likely caused by a natural gas leak”. EOG Resources, Inc. also owns the facility.

Dozens of deep oil wells have been drilled in a wide area in Cheyenne near the explosion site over the past decade. Substantial volumes of natural gas are being produced through these oil wells and are either sent to market via pipeline or burned off. Compressor facilities, such as this Wyoming compressor station, keep gas pipelines pressurized. Due to the highly dangerous nature of these sites and the materials being processed, higher precautions must be taken to avoid explosions such as what occurred on December 5th.

A spokesman for EOG Resources, Inc. said in a statement that the incident was still under investigation. EOG Resources, Inc. then went on to verify the three contractors that were being treated for injuries sustained in the explosion and that their “thoughts are with them and their families”. Laramie County Fire District No. 5 posted about the explosion on social media and indicated that it sent an engine, tender, command unit, and six firefighters to the site.

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