Navigating the Legal Landscape of filing a Jones Act Claim for Maritime Injuries

August 31, 2018

Those who work on offshore rigs, natural gas wells, and their support vessels are at risk of suffering injuries on the job due to the nature of their work and occupation. Seeking compensation for an offshore injury is not like other personal injury or workers’ compensation claims.

Offshore maritime jobs play an integral role in America’s economy, but the natural environment where oil rigs, production platforms, and other offshore facilities are located are harsh and unforgiving. Moreover, maritime workers are at an even greater risk of being injured in accidents caused by unseaworthy vessels and defective equipment, or workers can suffer injury because of employer’s, vessel owners, or fellow worker’s negligence.

Workers from all levels of the oil rig play an enormous role in the success of Texas and Louisiana’s economy. The Jones Act provides protection for maritime workers to recover for injuries they have suffered while working on a vessel. While you may be entitled to receive fair compensation for you or your loved one’s injury, many employers can make it exceedingly difficult to actually obtain that recovery.


Filing a Jones Act Claim

Filing a claim under the Jones Act, if you carry the occupation of seaman, can provide great benefits, as settlements are oftentimes much larger than worker’s compensation settlements. Under Maritime law damages available for injury can include lost wages, mental anguish, medical costs, disfigurement, and loss of earning capacity. An injured worker can recover because of the employer’s negligence. Additionally, if a worker dies as a result of the employer’s negligence the family can recover under the Death on the High Seas Act. However, recovery is not simple.  Each accident, employer, state, and particular maritime occupation is different, and the rights which you are entitled may differ as well.

If you have been injured offshore or on the high seas, be aware:  in all likelihood, your employer already has lawyers. The company lawyers know the various Jones Act traps that can bar your recovery.  Having your own attorney can help you navigate the legal landscape to give you the greatest chance at maximizing your recovery. At Morrow & Sheppard LLP, we help injured offshore and maritime workers seek to secure the full compensation they are entitled to. Each day you are unrepresented, is a day your employer has the upper hand.

Our Jones Act attorneys are ready to step in and advocate for your rights and are licensed in both Texas and Louisiana. If you or your loved one has been injured offshore request a free consultation with our team today.  You should not hesitate to seek legal help from someone who knows maritime law and can help you to understand and assert your rights.

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