Noble Energy Opens Deepwater Gunflint Wells in Gulf of Mexico

August 31, 2016

Numerous sources have reported that Noble Energy is in the process of ramping up production at the company’s Gunflint oil development in the Gulf of Mexico. As always, while new production activities mean new job opportunities for offshore workers, we would caution any workers on the Gunflint oil development to take note of the potential risks involved with new offshore activities as well.

Key Facts About the Gunflint Oil Development

The Gunflint oil development is Noble Energy’s third major offshore project in the Gulf of Mexico within the past nine months. Here are some key facts about the new deepwater production field:

  • With two wells, the Gunflint oil development is located on Mississippi Canyon Block 948 at depths of 3,900 to 6,100 feet.
  • Noble Energy expects to reach a minimum production level of 20,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day at the Gunflint oil development, with oil comprising approximately 75 percent of the total production volume.
  • The Gunflint oil development is a subsea tie-back to a facility owned by Williams Partners LP and Marubeni Corp. Noble Energy’s partners in the deepwater development are Ecopetrol America Inc., Samson Offshore Mapleleaf LLP, and Marathon Oil Corp.

Key Facts About Noble Energy’s Operations in the Gulf of Mexico

With assets of more than $24 billion, Noble Energy is among the leading oil and gas exploration and development companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico. Its headquarters are in Houston, Texas. The company currently has several active interests in the Gulf:

  • In 2015, Noble Energy began production in two new oil fields: Big Bend and Dantzler. The production from these wells roughly doubled Noble Energy’s total Gulf production to 30,000 barrels per day.
  • Noble Energy currently has several other oil-producing wells in the Gulf of Mexico. These include Isabela, Santa Cruz, Santiago, Swordfish, and Ticonderoga.
  • Noble Energy also has two new fields in the discovery phase: Katmal and Troubadour.

What to Do After Suffering an Injury on a Deepwater Rig in the Gulf of Mexico

Under the Jones Act, the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA), and other federal and maritime laws, offshore workers in the Gulf of Mexico are entitled to seek compensation when they get injured on the job. This compensation may include “no-fault” employer benefits as well as potentially full compensation when an oil company, platform operator or offshore contractor is to blame for the offshore worker’s injuries and losses.

However, no compensation is guaranteed, and most corporations (and their insurance companies) vigorously dispute workers’ offshore injury claims. As a result, to protect your rights, it is important to speak with an experienced maritime lawyer as soon as possible. At Morrow & Sheppard LLP, we offer free, confidential consultations, and we have the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to take on the big companies and win the compensation you deserve.

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