Serious Scaffold Accident In Downtown Houston Seriously Injures Six Construction Workers

October 16, 2015


On October 16, 2015, at least 6 people were reportedly seriously injured and required emergency transport to the hospital as a result of a scaffold collapse in Houston, Texas near Minute Maid Park.  The Houston Chronicle reported that the accident occurred around 11:10 am, and reported that it involved a new complex associated with The Finger Cos.  Our Houston Construction Accident lawyers are closely following the situation.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 54 fatalities occurred in 2009 as a result from scaffolds and/or staging.  Notably, it was reported that 72% of scaffold accidents (whether causing death or other serious injuries) were caused by planking or support giving way, or falling objects.

These accidents are 100% preventable if workplace safety regulations, namely OSHA regulations, are followed.  All too often, the pressure to work quickly and cheaply comes at the expense of doing things safely.

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