Severe Phillips 66 Pipeline Explosion and Fire in Paradis, Louisiana Confirms Extreme Dangers Of Pipeline Work

February 10, 2017

As being reported by The Times-Picayune out of New Orleans, a severe fire is ongoing at the Phillips 66 pipeline in Pardis, Louisiana near the Williams Discovery natural gas plan on Friday morning, February 10, 2017. Multiple persons were taken to the hospital (including for burns), and the surrounding area has been evacuated, including up to 60 homes spanning several miles.  The fire broke out as maintenance was being performed. Phillips 66 issued a statement at 2 a.m. on Friday morning indicating the pipeline had been blocked and that the remaining product continues to burn.

Read more about this developing store here.

Injuries caused by fires and explosions during the construction and maintenance of pipelines can involve longer recuperation periods — and devastating personal and financial consequences.

The Causes of Pipeline Accidents

Pipeline incidents causing severe injuries occur for a variety of reasons. Such incidents can happen a result of defective pipes and pipeline components such as flanges and valves being poorly maintained or being old. Many pipelines in Texas and throughout the United States have been in use for half a century or more and are showing the signs of wear. It is the responsibility of the pipeline companies to inspect, maintain and repair their pipelines, but, all too often, they fail to do so.

Failure to repair leaks, ruptures and other defects leaves pipelines unsafe and people vulnerable. Use of defective parts may also contribute to pipeline explosions. In handling pipeline accident cases, we use our extensive investigative resources to uncover the facts and identify liable parties.

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