Texas Bair Hugger Lawyers—Bair Huggers Alleged To Infect Hip And Knee Replacement Patients

August 31, 2015

Texas Bair Hugger Lawyer

Texas personal injury attorneys are handling claims against the manufacturers of “bair huggers” used during medical procedures including surgeries. These dangerous medical devices have been alleged spread infection and cause severe injuries.

If you or a loved one suffered from an infection after a surgical procedure, particularly a hip or knee replacement, you may be entitled to compensation.

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What Is A Bair Hugger?

Houston Bair Hugger Lawyer

A bair hugger is a medical device intended to keep patients warm when they are under anesthesia.

Anesthetized patients cannot keep their bodies warm, which in some cases can lead to hypothermia, increased bleeding, and slower recovery.

Bair huggers force heated air onto patients to keep them warm. They carry the warmed air through a special blanket draped over the patient.

Why Are Bair Huggers Dangerous?

The problem is that the devices have also been alleged to spread deadly bacteria and cause infections.  This has been alleged by their inventor, who has gone on record with his regret voicing concerns about the deadly device.

How Does A Bair Hugger Work?

A bair hugger warming unit filters air then forces it onto the patient through a disposable blanket.

Who Is At Risk From Bair Huggers?

Anyone who has contracted a bacterial infection after being anesthetized may have been the unnecessary victim of a bair hugger. But the cases which tend to be the most severe involve implants, most particularly knee and hip implants.

These patients may contract a “deep” infection which can be completely disabling and require removal of the hip or knee implant.

What Is A “Deep Infection” From A Bair Hugger?

A periprosthetic deep infection can cause serious complications. In many cases “revision” surgeries are required to remove an infective joint. These “explants” may even require amputation. All of these things can be completely disabling.

Models Of Bair Hugger

Unfortunately the bair hugger is still in use today, despite warnings from the man who invented the device. Models still in production include:

  • 3M Bair Hugger Model 505 Warming Unit
  • 3M Bair Hugger Model 750 Warming Unit
  • 3m Bair Hugger Model 775 Warming Unit
  • 3M Bair Paws System
  • Intraoperative Blankets
  • Underbody Series Blankets
  • Pediatric Blankets
  • Specialty & Cardiac Blankets
  • PACU Blankets

Bair Hugger Model 505. Manufacturer 3M Claims the Model 505 Bair Hugger “provides safe, quiet and effective warming to patients around the world.” It claims the following benefits of the Model 505 bair hugger:

  • ”Small size frees up more usable workspace
  • Light weight makes transport and set-up a breeze
  • Freestanding or easily attached to an IV pole, bedrail or optional rolling cart
  • Built-in hour meter makes it easy to monitor usage for preventative maintenance
  • Unique snap-fit hose swivels at three points for easy blanket attachment and positioning
  • Bair Hugger temperature management units are the ONLY forced-air warming systems that can be used with an integrated, cost-effective method of fluid warming – The Bair Hugger 241™ blood/fluid warming set.”

Bair Hugger 750. The latest temperature management device in the Bair Hugger line, 3M claims that the 750 has

  • “Hose-end temperature sensing ensures accurate air temperature delivery
  • Three temperature sensors and increased airflow for quicker response
  • Temperature settings track and report forced-air warming therapy duration
  • Over-temperature, calibration, built-in hour meter and fault code reporting via the front panel – no need to open the unit
  • Bair Hugger temperature management units are the ONLY forced-air warming systems that can be used with an integrated, cost-effective method of fluid warming”

Bair Hugger 775. 3M claims the 775 will be “the future gold standard in patient warming,” and that it has:

  • “Adjustable airflow, precise temperature delivery and ease of use from a single, quiet warming unit
  • Two airflow settings and hose-end temperature sensing ensure precise temperature delivery and compatibility with all Bair Hugger blanket styles – pediatric to adult
  • Three temperature sensors and adjustable airflow provide safe, quick temperature response and greater heat transfer
  • Tracks and reports forced-air warming therapy duration, over-temperature information, calibration, built-in hour meter and fault codes all via the front panel – no need to open the unit”

Bair Hugger Lawyers Are Ready To Help

If you or a loved one has suffered an infection following a surgery involving anesthesia, you may be entitled to compensation.

Our Houston bair hugger lawyers represent victims and their families nationwide. We provide free, confidential consultations to everyone, and we only get paid when our clients win.

To begin the process, please call us now at 1-800-489-2216 (713-489-1206 local in Houston), or fill out our online consultation form.

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