Texas Statistics Demonstrate Extreme Dangers Of Roadways

January 21, 2017

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Nearly everyone knows that the roads are incredibly dangerous.  However, the statistics show us that they are even more dangerous than most people realize. In 2003, the Texas Department of Transportation estimated that the economic loss of all motor vehicle crashes was $20.7 Billion. By 2015, that number had ballooned to $37.8 Billion. This amount of money is more than some of the largest companies in the world make in an entire year, including ConocoPhillips, DuPont, Macy’s, and McDonald’s. Tragically, these figures also represent thousands and thousands of deaths on the roads and highways.  And it is impossible to estimate the value of the loss of the enjoyment of life.

The Texas authorities track the number of fatal wrecks in the state.  For 2015, there was a fatal accident every single day of the year. Sadly, the deadliest day of 2015 in Texas was September 26, during which there were 21 different fatal wrecks that resulted in the loss of 22 lives. A serious accident can happen at any time, but as one might guess, more fatal wrecks occur at night and in the early morning hours while people are still consuming alcohol. For 2015, the most dangerous hour of the day which resulted in the most fatal accidents statewide was between 11:00 pm and midnight.

The age of the driver causing the injury often matters as well. Statistically, in Texas, the frequency of accidents causing injuries increases from age 16 until the age of 23, at which time the number of accidents starts to decrease. This is also true for citations for driving while intoxicated. Drivers aged 21-25 account for 21.67% of the total citations for DUI. This percentage decreases past the age of 25.

In Houston in 2015, there were over 66 thousand crashes in general, and 191 fatal car crashes.  As to Dallas, there were over 30 thousand crashes and 154 fatal car crashes in 2015. In San Antonio, there were over 42,000 crashes and 142 fatal car crashes. These numbers are staggering.

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