Injured in an Uber?

August 21, 2017

Uber Accidents Require Immediate Action

You step into a nice car that you ordered to meet up with your friends for a fun night out when suddenly your Uber driver gets into an accident. If needed, call 911 and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Otherwise, the first thing you should do is get the other drivers name, contact number, driver’s license number, and insurance information. Next, take pictures and/or video of the scene–be sure to capture the damage to each vehicle. Lastly, get the contact information for anyone who witnessed the accident.

Uber and Lyft Possess a $1 Million Dollar Insurance Coverage

Although, Uber (and Lyft) possess a $1 million in insurance coverage, that does not mean you will receive the maximum compensation allowed under the law if you negotiate your claim directly with Uber’s insurance company. Contact a personal injury attorney in order to receive the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

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