What to do if you are injured in a FedEx Truck Accident?

April 18, 2019

FedEx delivers an average of 14 million packages per day in 220 countries and territories. With the increase in e-commerce, companies like FedEx see an increase in the demand for quick and reliable deliveries. FedEx has over 85,000 vehicles on the road. While this may be good news for consumers, Texas drivers may be at risk.

One Texas case involved four teenagers returning to College Station from visiting family. One of the teens was involved in a major vehicle accident with a FedEx driver. Three of the teenagers were killed, and one female teenager was severely injured. Seeking the advice of legal counsel can help determine whether an injured party can be made whole under the law.

To establish a vehicle owner’s liability, there should be a showing of (1) entrustment of a vehicle by the owner; (2) to an unlicensed, incompetent, or reckless driver; (3) that the owner knew or should have known to be unlicensed, (4) that the driver was negligent on the occasion in question and (5) that the driver’s negligence proximately caused the accident.

Texas law allows recovery for negligent hiring and supervision in cases where the employer’s direct negligence in hiring or retaining an incompetent employee whom the employer knows, or by the exercise of reasonable care should have known, was incompetent or unfit, thereby creating an unreasonable risk of harm to others.

In other words, an employer like FedEx may be held responsible for the negligence of its driver as well as your injuries and/or property damage.

If you are injured in a FedEx Truck Accident you should

  1. File a Police Report. After the accident, you should call the police and ensure an official police report is filed. The attending police officer should be able to give you information about your case so that you can get a copy of the official report when it is completed.
  2. Photograph the scene. Try to take a picture of the entire accident, especially any damage caused to the vehicles. Take a photo including the FedEx truck’s license plate.
  3. Get the FedEx driver’s information. If, for some reason, you are unable to get the driver’s information, try to collect the information from the police officer on the scene. He will likely have contact information for all the parties involved.
  4. Get the contact information of any potential witnesses. Witnesses to the accident may later be able to provide testimony that can help your case.
  5. Seek medical attention. You should seek immediate medical attention, even if you do not feel any pain. Some injuries not immediately apparent, and it provides a record of your injuries. You should fully describe any pain or injuries you have to the doctor and ask the doctor to record the information in case your attorney needs the information in the future.
  6. Seek professional legal advice. As a large corporation with tens of thousands of drivers on the road, FedEx may not immediately want to settle or pay your claims. This could leave injured parties with medical bills, lost wages for days they are unable to work, and more.

Some people are unsure whether to consult legal counsel. However, there is a statute of limitations that applies to every cause of action. A statute of limitations is essentially a time limit for your claim. For example, the second you are in a truck accident, the clock starts ticketing. If you are involved in a truck accident with FedEx and you fail to file a lawsuit within the proper time limit, you may permanently lose your ability to sue FedEx for the accident. Promptly consulting a FedEx truck accident attorney gives the attorney enough time to investigate your claim, collect essential information, and build arguments for your case.

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