Are There Special Inspection Requirements For 18 Wheeler Trucks And Commercial Vehicles?

Yes. If something is not working properly on a truck, particularly a large 18 wheeler or commercial vehicle, deadly accidents can and often do happen. Special inspection requirements for 18 wheeler trucks and commercial vehicles include:

  • Every motor carrier that employs truck drivers is required to systematically inspect, repair, and maintain all vehicles subject to its control.2 Parts and accessories must be kept in safe and proper operating conditions at all times, including but not limited to the frame, suspension systems, axles, wheel, rims, and steering systems.
  • Before beginning a trip, and at the end of each trip, truck drivers are required to inspect their vehicles. Drivers are required to document the results of these inspections in accordance with the applicable laws and company policies.
  • Before beginning a trip, each driver must be satisfied the vehicle is in safe operating condition, must review the last driver vehicle inspection report, and must sign the report and certify that all needed repairs identified on any prior inspection report have been performed.3 If a truck driver observes unsafe conditions, he or she is required to document the condition, and the vehicle may not be operated until the issue has been fixed. Areas that must be inspected include tires and wheels, brakes, steering, lights, coupling devices, cargo securement, emergency equipment, transmission and axles, the engine compartment, and the fuel, air, and oil tanks.

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349 C.F.R. 396.13 (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations).

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