Accidents In The Eagle Ford Shale

As noted in the San Antonio Express-News, worker pay in the Eagle Ford oilfields can be high, but the work can be fatal. Many workers have been killed working on oil rigs in the Eagle Ford. For example, in 2009, a derrick man fell from a faulty derrick on an oil rig, and was crushed under tons of metal. After an investigation, the federal government determined that the rig manager other management knew the derrick’s locking pins were malfunctioning, but the company “failed to adhere to its own” safety program.

More than a dozen oil field workers died in the Eagle Ford on-the-job accidents between 2009 and 2013. That is not including the more than 40 Texas oil and gas workers who died in car accidents between 2009 and 2011.

Many times accidents in the Eagle Ford occur because employees are required to work long hours under tremendous pressure, around heavy and sophisticated equipment. Many also work in remote areas, hours away from a hospital.

There has been a 1,000% increase in fatal car accidents in the Eagle Ford Shale area, including LaSalle County, McMullen County, and Karnes County. Residents now refer to Texas 239 southeast of Kenedy as the “death trap.”

Many Eagle Ford car accidents involve 18 wheeler trucks. These truck drivers are fatigued as a result of working long hours supply materials to the oilfields. This is due partially to the fact that oil companies have lobbied for and received exemptions that allow their truck drivers to work longer hours than drivers in other industries.

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