Failure To Properly Secure Cargo

Truck drivers are responsible for determining whether their cargo has been both properly loaded and distributed evenly on their vehicle.

If cargo is not appropriately loaded, truck drivers are legally obligated to refuse to transport the cargo, and to insist that the cargo be properly loaded. Once loaded, most drivers have the obligation to secure their cargo. This means ensuring the cargo will not fall from the truck, will not spill, leak, or slip within the truck, and will otherwise remain secure while in transport.

Before, during, and after each and every trip,18 wheeler trucks and large load commercial vehicles are required to be inspected to ensure cargo is properly loaded.  Many truck drivers and the trucking companies that employ them fail to take this important precaution, often because they are in a rush, or want to cut corners to safe money.

This can be a significant factor in an commercial motor vehicle or 18 wheeler truck accident case.  Cargo shifting is a factor in 4% of trucking accidents, according to a study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted over several years.

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