What Is A Maritime “Unseaworthiness” Claim?

Seamen usually bring maritime law claims against their employers because the vessel they work on is not “seaworthy.”

A company that either owns or operates a “vessel”–which includes most mobile offshore drilling rigs–has a legal obligation to furnish a vessel that is reasonably fit for its intended purpose.  This duty cannot be delegated to another company.

If an offshore or maritime worker is injured aboard a rig or vessel that is not seaworthy, he or she is entitled to bring an “unseaworthiness” claim against the owner or operator of the vessel.  In such cases, the owner/operator is liable for damages regardless of whether or not there was any negligence.

Contributory Negligence Does Not Bar Unseaworthiness Claims

Often times vessel owner/operators will claim that the injured worker is at least partially responsible for his or her own injuries.  Even if that is true, under maritime law, the worker still has a claim.

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As former partners at prestigious defense firms, we know how the companies that operate offshore do business, and in many cases we know the executives who will be deciding whether or not to settle your claim, and for how much.

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