What Are Common Causes Of 18-Wheeler Truck And Commercial Vehicle Accidents?

Every accident is different. Common causes of 18-wheeler truck and commercial vehicle accidents include:

  1. Inadequately trained or unqualified drivers — driving an 18 wheeler or large commercial vehicle is not something you can learn overnight.  Yet all too often trucking companies allow drivers with inadequate training and experience out on the roads, creating a dangerous situation for everyone.
  2. Improper maintenance and inspection –commercial vehicles have rigorous maintenance and inspection requirements.  Failure to meet these requirements is a common cause of accidents.
  3. Driver fatigue — Trucking companies often require drivers to work long hours, creating a dangerous situation.
  4. Poor Route Planning — There are places large trucks should go and places they shouldn’t.  Too often, trucking companies take the least expensive (but most dangerous route).
  5. Failure to properly secure cargo — improperly stored cargo can shit and move, causing accidents.
  6. Oversized loads & hazardous cargo — trucks and commercial vehicles are dangerous enough when they are properly loaded. When excessive weight or dangerous chemicals and materials are added to the mix, a tragedy can result.
  7. Distracted drivers — 18 wheeler drivers on long hauls are often tempted to text and drive or even watch TV.  The repercussions can be deadly.
  8. Braking & tire issues — large commercial vehicles are extremely heavy and cannot stop as quickly as ordinary cars and trucks.  As a result, terrible accidents often result whenever these vehicles suffer brake failures or tire issues.
  9. Speeding — Everyone has seen that truck driver who is driving too fast next to them on the highway.  This can be deadly:  trucks are too large and heavy to steer and stop properly when they are speeding.
  10. Weather conditions — truck drivers are legally required to exercise “extreme caution” when there are dangerous weather conditions.  Unfortunately, many truck drivers are in too big a hurry to follow the law.
  11. Drugs and alcohol — unlike drivers of ordinary vehicles, the law has zero tolerance for commercial vehicle drivers who operate a vehicle with drugs or alcohol in their systems.

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