Given the restrictions on how many hours they can be on the road, drivers of 18 wheeler trucks and commercial vehicles — as well as the companies that employ them– are often anxious to cover as many miles as they can.  This creates an incentive to speed.

There Are Special Prohibitions Against 18 Wheeler Speeding

Government regulations prohibit the scheduling of any haul or job over a distance that would require speeds greater than allowed by the towns, cities, and states through which the run will be occurring.

These important protections exist to protect ordinary drivers, including you and your family.

Truckers Speed Anyway

All too often, the special prohibitions on speeding do not stop truck and commercial vehicle drivers from traveling at excessive speed.

In fact, travelling too fast is a cause of 23% of trucking accidents, according to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study conducted over several years.

The reason speeding is such a problem for 18 wheelers and commercial vehicles is very simple.  These vehicles are heavy and difficult to control.

It is hard enough for large 18 wheelers and commercial vehicles to stop safely when they are traveling the speed limit.  When they travel at unsafe speeds, it is virtually impossible.

M&S Accident Attorneys Assist Victims Injured By 18 Wheelers And Commercial Vehicles

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49 C.F.R. 392.6 (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations).

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