Inadequately Trained Or Unqualified Drivers

Not all people are ideal candidates for driving commercial trucks, although sometimes they are hired to do so. When someone who is not qualified to drive a truck does so, accidents are bound to happen. It is important to investigate whether the driver involved should have been behind the wheel, and Morrow & Sheppard know the right action to take to get the answers you need.

When seeking a trucking job, most drivers are required to disclose their previous employment history, previous convictions and legal violations, accident history, drug and alcohol history, and medical history.

If a company does not ask the right questions or conduct the appropriate background check, or if the applicant lies, that can result in someone who is not qualified getting behind the wheel of a truck.

The primary purpose behind rules and regulations for truck drivers are to promote safety and avoid accidents. Obviously, commercial trucks like 18-wheelers are bigger than ordinary vehicles and are dangerous, and when accidents occur involving trucks, the consequences are often severe and deadly.

A truck driver must be properly licensed for the type of truck they are operating. Since 1986, the federal government has required commercial truck drivers to possess a Commercial Driver’s License (“CDL”). If the driver is handling specialized cargo, such as hazardous cargo, they may also be required to obtain special endorsements on their license. To obtain a license, most truck drivers will be required to pass a driving test using the specific type of vehicle they intend to operate, pass a written exam, and pass a physical and drug screen.

Many truck driver responsibilities are detailed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (“FMCSR”). Drivers must abide by FMCSR. Drivers must also abide by whatever rules and regulations are set by their employers. Drivers must also follow the rules of the city, county, parish, and state in which they are driving.

Depending on the circumstances, drivers may be required to satisfy other requirements, including corporate policies and procedures.

The Houston 18 wheeler accident lawyers at Morrow & Sheppard can help you determine whether the driver of the 18-wheeler truck or commercial vehicle involved in your accident was unqualified or improperly trained. We have the skills and experience to help you and your family secure the compensation you deserve when you or a loved one is injured in a trucking, 18-wheeler, or vehicle accident.

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