What Claims Do I Have?

If a family member has died unnecessarily—for example, because of an 18 wheeler truck accident, dangerous drug or consumer product, work-related accident, offshore or maritime accident, or explosion or other industrial incident—you may be entitled to bring several different types of claims.

The most common death claims are:

Wrongful Death Claims

Surviving spouses, children, and parents of a lost loved one are often entitled to bring “wrongful death” actions.  These actions compensate surviving family members for their own injuries.  Examples include the pain and suffering and loss of support a family member experiences as a result of not being able to spend time with their loved one.

Survival Claims

The estate of the lost family member is often entitled to bring a “survival” action.  This claim provides compensation for the injures suffered by the person who died.  For example, the estate is entitled to recover damages for pain and suffering the decedent experienced before dying.

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